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Universal Life Church FAQ

Newsgroups: alt.pagan
From: [anonymized poster]
Subject: Universal Life Church FAQ
Date: 20 Aug 1996 01:24:58 GMT

              ::: (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions :::
              :::              About               :::
              :::    The Universal Life Church     :::
              :::    Version 3.5 : August 1996     :::
I was inspired to write this FAQ file for a simple reason: to get truthful
information into the hands of people who might be interested in it. I've
encountered many people on the Internet and in physical reality who have
ideas about the ULC that simple aren't true. Hopefully, this text file will
help to correct this problem. Enjoy!
                          [anonymized poster]
* Questions & Answers about the Universal Life Church:
Q: What does the ULC believe?
A: The church has two basic tenets: That people have a right to freedom
   of religion, and that people should do what they think is right. In
   general, ULC recognizes that an individual's rights extend up to the
   point where they infringe upon those of another individual. Period.
   ULC has no set dogma that it attempts to convert others to. In this
   way it is similiar to Unitarian Universalism.
Q: ULC sounds like a very open kind of church. Are you sure it's legal?
A: Yes. Rev. Hensley, the President and founder of ULC, has seen the church
   through many court cases where ULC's legitimacy was questioned. A federal
   court has ruled ULC a legal church.
Q: Is there an actual, physical, ULC church building?
A: ULC International Headquarters is located in Modesto, California. A real
   church building exists there as well as offices for church business.
   ULC has various congregations all over the world as well.
Q: I've heard that ULC will ordain people as clergy. Is this true?
A: Yes. ULC will ordain anyone who asks no matter what the person's
   gender, race, sexual preference, or spiritual belief might be.
Q: That sounds great. I've heard that it costs $15-$20 though, right?
A: No! There is absolutely *no* fee for becoming ordained in the
   Universal Life Church. Many people believe that there is some sort
   of fee involved. There is none. You need only contact ULC by mail or
   on their World Wide Web page on the Internet to become ordained. If
   you mail them they will send you a packet with an ordination credential.
   If you use the WWW site you don't have to wait for the packet. Instead,
   you'll have access to information via the site and a credential will
   display that you can print out. If you send for the packet by mail, ULC
   does appreciate donations (perhaps $1 or two) to defray the cost of
   sending you the information. However, no one will harass you for any
   kind of money. Period.
Q: Now, wait a second. There's more to being a clergyperson than possessing
   an ordination credential! Are you suggesting that a printed piece of
   paper makes someone a legitimate Minister, Pastor, etc?
A: Absolutely not. ULC's ordination does not make you a Minister or
   Pastor. You do. A clergyperson is expected to assume certain roles
   and tasks in society such as caring for the needs of others and
   performing clergy services such as marriages and funerals. ULC
   provides you the potential to become a clergyperson by granting you
   an ordination. The rest is up to you. You can put your ordination in
   a sock drawer or you can use it and perform services for those who
   need them. It's completely up to you.
Q: As ULC clergy, can I perform a wedding as other clergy do?
A: Generally, yes. ULC clergy can and do perform all of the usual duties
   that other clergy do. Check with your local clerk of court or other
   county official to see what the laws are in your state. They vary.
   You should also check with ULC.
Q: What is my title once I become ordained by ULC? I've seen ULC clergy
   with the title of Minister, Pastor, and even Priest!
A: When you become ordained you are by default a Minister of the church
   and are entitled to place the Rev. abbreviation before your name to
   stand for Reverend. Other clergy titles, however, are offered by ULC.
Q: Does ULC have materials that I can order to help me as a clergy member?
A: Yes. ULC has many materials that it offers usually at very low cost.
   Wedding certificates, window stickers, etc.
Q: I think i'd like to become ordained. How can I contact ULC?
A: There are several ways to contact ULC:
   Address: Universal Life Church
            601 3rd Street
            Modesto, Calif. 95351
   Phone: (209) 527-8111
          (209) 527-8116 (FAX)
* Internet Resources:
   WWW Page: [revised, now ]
   The Universal Life Church web site contains all sorts of information
   about ULC. It enables people to become ordained through the
   church online and also serves as a means of contacting the church
   through it's 'net represenitive, Brother Daniel. Persons with
   questions about ULC should utilize the web site or contact ULC HQ
   Newsgroup: alt.religion.universal-life
   The ULC sponsors a newsgroup for discussion of ULC related topics.
   Church clergy and those interested in ULC are encouraged to
   participate in this forum. Newsgroup users, obviously, are encouraged
   to conduct themselves in a respectful and polite way when posting to
   the newsgroup. The posting of material that is completely unrelated to
   ULC, religion, or is insulting to individuals and/or their beliefs
   is highly discouraged and unwelcome. The newsgroup is a place for
   polite discussion, not a soapbox or an arena for flames.
** NOTICE **
   This frequently asked questions file (FAQ) is written in good
   faith as a means of helping those who are interested in the Universal
   Life Church. Persons with legal or other questions or concerns should
   contact the church by phone, mail, or via it's web site on the internet.
   The author of this FAQ is not in any way a legal represenitive of the
   Universal Life Church, Inc.

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