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The Necronomicon - FAQ Version 2.0

    Frequently Asked Questions Part 1
    The Necronomicon - FAQ Version 2.0
   20 May 1994
   Written and compiled by Kendrick Kerwin Chua
   (, (
   University of North Florida, United States of America
   FAQ - Part 1
   This FAQ supercedes all previous versions of the Necronomicon FAQ,
   versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.3. These versions should be erased and
   replaced by this version.
   This Frequently Asked Questions document is divided into four parts.
   The first part contains down and dirty information designed for the
   impatient who wish to get their hands on a book titled Necronomicon.
   The subsequent parts contain more information, some factual and some
   This FAQ is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive. If you feel that the
   author of the FAQ has missed some vital point, please feel free to
   e-mail the author at the above internet address. Alternately, you may
   direct a Usenet post to alt.necromicon, alt.magick or and the author may eventually run across your
   Table of contents for part 1 -
   (1) What is the Necronomicon?
   (2) Where can I find a copy of the Necronomicon?
   (3) What if my lousy bookstore does not carry it?
   (4) What do I do now that I have a copy?
   (5) What should I believe?
   (1) What is the Necronomicon?
   This FAQ is chiefly concerned with the mass-media format books on the
   international market which are titled _Necronomicon_. These books are
   marketed in the occult and "New Age" sections of bookstores, and are
   reputed to be books of magick, or grimoires. This FAQ does not address
   the following items related to the _Necronomicon_:
   "Necronomicon" - an anthology of B-grade horror movies;
   NecronomiCon - an annual convention of H.P. Lovecraft enthusiasts;
   Necronomicon, Vols. I and II - portfolios of adult oriented art from
   the files of fantasy artist H.R. Giger;
   Vital information on the two commercially availble Necronomicons which
   fit our narrow description is as follows:
   The Necronomicon: Second Edition
   Edited by Simon
   (c) 1977 Schlangekraft Inc.
   pub Magickal Childe, Inc.
   Avon Books, New York (1980 printing)
   ISBN - 0 - 380 - 75192 - 5
   US $ 5.99
   The Necronomicon: The Book of Dead Names
   Edited by George Hay
   with Colin Wilson, Robert Turner, and David Langford
   (c) 1978 Neville Spearman Ltd.
   Skoob Books Publishing Ltd, London (1992 printing)
   ISBN - 1 - 871438 - 16 - 0
   US $ 9.95
   (2) Where can I find a copy of the Necronomicon?
   As stated above, the book is frequently available in the local book
   shop. In America, BDalton Booksellers and Books-a-Million often carry
   one of the two Necronomicons, and can order the other (provided with
   the right information, like the nifty numbers and letters given
   (3) What if my lousy bookstore does not carry it?
   Then you can order the books direct from wholesalers and distributors,
   like the Abyss Distribution Company (free plug coming up)
   Abyss Distribution
   48 Chester Road
   Chester MA 01011 - 9735
   (413) 623 - 2155 , M-F 10am - 4 pm EST
   (413) 623 - 2156 priority FAX orders
   Necronomicon - Simon 5.99
   Necronomicon - George Hay 9.95
   COD orders cost an extra $5, plus the regular $4 shipping.
   Canadian and foreign orders have a $5 minimum shipping charge.
   Packages sent by U.S. mail are at customer's risk w/o insurance.
   Abyss is a large dealer of occult related books, supplies, and
   materials, and has sent thousands of Necronomicons all over. Cut out
   this form and send as an order, or call them with your credit card
   handy. Or request a full catalog from the above address.
   The author of the FAQ is in no way affiliated with Abyss, and makes no
   claims regarding the company. End of free plug.
   (4) What do I do now that I have a copy?
   You should read it. Many people own the book simply to own it and do
   not read it. Therefore they have very little to contribute to
   discussions about the Necronomicon on the Usenet groups alt.magick or
   alt.necromicon. Please read your copy.
   (5) What should I believe?
   Now that you've read your copy(ies) of the book, we can try to discuss
   what you should and should not believe, by filling in what may or may
   not be gaps in your background knowledge concerning the
   Please see part 2.
   The Necronomicon - FAQ Version 2.0
   19 May 1994 - Kendrick Kerwin Chua - University of North Florida, USA
   (C) 1994 by Kendrick Kerwin Chua
   Permission is hereby granted to all users of electronic mail to post
   and distribute this document in an unaltered and complete state, for
   non-profit and educational purposes. One part may not be disseminated
   without the other three. For CD-Rom and other commercial rights,
   please contact the archivist.

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