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A Mages Survey of UseNet

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Last-modified: 1993/04/01
Version: 0.0

   Welcome to Alt.MagicK!

   go away

   A Mages' Survey of UseNet.

   This is a Usenet Newsgroup resource list.

   Its excuse for existence is to make varlets 'go away' from alt.magick!
   It also attempts to list faqs and reference lists.
   It trys to avoid mailing lists ... unlike the mages guide ...

   Send hate mail to

~Subject: Changes
~From: Horns

   What Changes?
   How can there be Changes on a new file?
   This blasted blarg has not even settled on an Aspect yet!

~Subject: Editorial
~From: Horns

   This is a totally arbitrary lumping of NewsFrops!
   Hopefully, it is misaligned just enough to annoy all of the pigs!
   If you think that I should put it somewhere else, then
   send details (with graphic descriptions).

   If you are going to follow up this post, 
   'Learn to edit yer damn quotes, Lunkhead!' - AShTon the UnSubtle   

   I am not real pleased with the format.
   (it is not perfect, damnit!) [Virgo symmetry alert!]

   I may well drop the Sex/Drugs/RockNRoll section in future 
   versions.  Leave the Drug heading, Trim the Sex section and
   move it under another heading ... Religion maybe?
   I had to toss large portions of the working version because
   the file was just too damn big to navigate around.  Some of
   the juicy bits were yanked because I was starting to have fun.
   Way too much fun for the stiff-necked, title-sucking, palio-aeon
   dweebs of Alt.MagicK ... The Forbidden Chapters can be found
   in a NewsFrog near you!

   There is a lot of overlap between this fnord and the
   'the mages guide to the internet' by Thyagi.  Which only makes 
   sense since we con-texted on the 'newsgroups' section of his 
   guide.  We may sort them out, but only after the spin cycle!

   Often I have just listed the base group and not all of the grit 
   below (such as the alt.mud or alt.rock-n-roll disaster areas).
   I really do not think that it is necessary to mark extensions
   (alt.mud.*) ... if you have neither a brain nor a decent 
   newsreader then this text is unlikely to change either of those 

   AshTon the REFeree              

~Subject: Table of Contents
~From: Horns


     Table of Contents
     Viewing This Article


     01. Magick
     02. Magick Related


     03. Satan
     04. Eris
     05. Monsters


     06. Pagan
     07. Pagan Related
     08. Schlock


     09. Religion
     10. Arguments
     11. Science
     12. Nets


     13. Sex
     14. Drugs
     15. Rock N Roll


     16. Games
     17. Zines
     18. Slush


~Subject: Viewing This Article
~From: Horns

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   [not so sure that this is true - ash]

~Subject: Generalizations
~From: Horns


   ===...  Big Lump
   ---...  Little Lump
   :::...  Bittle Lump
   **      Newsgroup
   &&      Second Newsgroup Listing
   --      Existing File REFerence
   ++      New or Updated File ref

   For FAQs in general ... 
   get thee to newsfrop News.Answers 
   with archives of all the orderly faq type files at: (  /pub/usenet/ (  /usenet/

~Subject: MagicK
~From: Righteousness

01. MagicK

** alt.magick

-- Golden Dawn Faq.
   Version 1.1, July 1993
   Copyright Steven R. Cranmer, 1993 

-- The Mages guide to the internet.

-- The Mage's Guide to the Internet  /pub/alamut/mageguide  /pub/occult/mages-guide (  /pub/magick/misc

   A really nice peice of work!
   One that 'we' should get back to ...
   Want to help?

-- TOPY faq: Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth
   v1.02  1993/02/11
   From: (With a name like Maxwell)

-- The Alt.Magick Kabbalah FAQ
   Version: 1.0                 
   Release Date: 9th. June 1993
   From: (Colin Low)

-- Egyptian Gods faq - Stuff You Should Know
   Release 9308.13
   Compiled by Shawn C. Knight /occult/misc

++ Astru faq (missed it this time) (get)


   New group! Still no faq or ref lists ...

~Subject: MagicK Related
~From: Righteousness

02. MagicK-related

    A totally capricious lumping of frops that might be useful.
** alt.magic
   Thou shalt not post unto Alt.MagiC!  [Thee first of THE RULES]
   Drop the 'K' at yer own risk! 
   This frop is for prestidigitation ... you know legerdemain ...
   Not for your silly spells or threads on wicca!
   FAQ: 4 Parts, Posted

-- Subject: alt.magic  FAQ  part 1/4
   Last modified: June 1, 1993
   From: (Mike Kamlet)
   Newsgroups: alt.magic,alt.answers,news.answers

   Amazing how similar this file is to the old Alt.MagicK faq!
   One might even think that they were related ...

   >Q) What is the purpose of this group?
   >A) This group is for the discussion of magic as entertainment, 
   >including but not limited to close-up, sleight of hand, platform, 
   >stage, and illusion magic.  For discussions of pagan, occult, and 
   >spiritual magic try alt.magick (note the "k"), alt.paranormal, 
   >alt.divination, or alt.pagan.

   >Q) Is there a possibility this news group could be altered in some 
   >way so that people wouldn't accidently keep posting things that 
   >belong in alt.magicK?
   >A) It is easiest to just ignore these articles.  Many newsreaders 
   >have a feature called a "kill-file" which will mark articles 
   >containing certain patterns as having been read or delete the 
   >article.  Here are the patterns for some newsreaders.  Check with 
   >your local documentation of system administrator for more 

   >Q) Hasn't it been proven that most of magicK is actually magic?
   This is left for the Alt.MagicK readers to post on ...

** alt.atheism

-- Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
   From: mathew 
   Last-modified: 29 July 1993
   Version: 1.2
   Newsgroups: alt.atheism,alt.atheism.moderated,news.answers,alt.answers

   >"What is the purpose of this newsgroup?"
   >"The Bible proves it"
   >"Why it's good to believe in Jesus"
   >"Why I know that God exists"
   >"Everyone worships something"
   >"I know where hell is!"

   >* How to get rid of unwanted proselytizers

   >Of course, inevitably alt.atheism tends to attract evangelical 
   >Christians looking for someone to convert.  Most readers of the 
   >newsgroup don't want to be preached to, although a few seem to 
   >derive perverse pleasure from tearing apart particularly 
   >ill-considered or uninformed postings.

   >It is also remarkable to many atheists that theists tend to ignore 
   >other equally plausible religious books in favour of those of 
   >their own religion.

-- Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Overview for New Readers
   Last-modified: 29 July 1993
   Version: 1.6
   From: mathew 
   Newsgroups: alt.atheism,alt.atheism.moderated,news.answers,alt.answers
   Archive-name: atheism/overview
   Alt-atheism-archive-name: overview

   >1.  Alt.Atheism FAQ: Overview for New Readers
   >2.  Alt.Atheism FAQ: Introduction to Atheism
   >3.  Alt.Atheism FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
   >4.  Alt.Atheism FAQ: Constructing a Logical Argument
   >5.  Alt.Atheism FAQ: Atheist Resources

   >If you are new to Usenet, you may also find it helpful to read 
   >the newsgroup news.announce.newusers.  The articles titled "A 
   >Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community", "Answers to 
   >Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet" and "Hints on writing 
   >style for Usenet" are particularly relevant.  Questions 
   >concerning how news works are best asked in news.newusers.

-- Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Constructing a Logical Argument
   Last-modified: 29 July 1993
   Version: 1.6
   From: mathew 
   Newsgroups: alt.atheism,alt.atheism.moderated,news.answers,alt.answers
   Archive-name: atheism/logic
   Alt-atheism-archive-name: logic

   >Although there is much argument on Usenet, the general quality of 
   >argument found is poor.  This article attempts to provide a 
   >gentle introduction to logic, in the hope of improving the 
   >general level of debate.

   >An argument is, to quote the Monty Python sketch, "a connected 
   >series of statements to establish a definite proposition".  An 
   >argument consists of three stages.

   >"... Thus there is ample proof of the truth of the Bible.  All those who
   >refuse to accept that truth will burn in Hell."
   >"Atheism is an evil philosophy.  It is practised by Communists 
   and murderers."
   >"Of course the Bible is true.  Nobody can prove otherwise."

-- Subject: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Atheist Resources
   Date: 22 Jul 1993 10:00:05 +0100
   Archive-name: atheism/resources
   Alt-atheism-archive-name: resources
   Last-modified: 29 April 1993
   Version: 1.1
   From: mathew 
   Newsgroups: alt.atheism,alt.atheism.moderated,news.answers,alt.answers

&& sci.sceptic

** alt.divination 

** alt.astrology

** alt.folklore.herbs

** alt.dreams
** alt.out-of-body
   FAQ: posted

** alt.oobe
   While this group still exists, 
   you really should be posting to alt.out-of-body ...   

** alt.consciousness

** alt.hypnosis;      
   FAQ: Under Construction

** alt.meditation

** alt.meditation.transcendental

** alt.mythology

** alt.folklore

** alt.paranormal

** alt.paranet
** alt.paranet.abduct
** alt.paranet.paranormal
** alt.paranet.skeptic
** alt.paranet.ufo

** alt.conspiracy
   [Sorry, couldn't resist ...]

~Subject: Satan
~From: Superiority

03. Satan

** alt.satanism

-- Subject: Modified FAQ file
   Call this version 2.3
   From: (Lupo the Butcher)

   >1.   What is Satanism?
   >3.   Are there other Satanic organizations?
   >4.   Satan is a Christian God!
   >      You aren't Satanists, just nasty atheists!
   > 7.   What is Xian?  COS?  TOS?  TSB?  OT?  NT?
   > 8.   Have you considered the message of _The Bible_?

   >      [As regards Christian evangelism, see also the alt.atheism FAQ.]

   >  What is Satanism?
   >       Satanism, n.  1.  the worship of Satan or the powers of
   >       evil.  2.  a travesty of Christian rites in which Satan
   >       is worshipped.  3.  diabolical or satanic disposition,
   >       behavior, or actions.
   >       [from _Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English
   >       Language_, (c) 1989]
   >  Unfortunately it's not that easy.  

** alt.religion.santaism
   For dyslexic satan worshipers.

** alt.evil
   For satan worshipers that can have fun!
   (Hence very low traffic)

~Subject: Eris
~From: Superiority

04. Erisian FUN! Discord, Boboids, kooks of the highest caliber!

** alt.discordia
** alt.slack 

** alt.flack 
   It just seemed that flack belonged next to slack ...

** bit.listserv.fnord-l 
   Decent traffic, but mostly noise

** alt.spam

** alt.spam.tin 

** alt.illuminati 

-- "Bavarian Illuminati" FAQ.
   Ver 1.1, Nov 1992
   W .'. Peter Trei  

~Subject: Monsters
~From: Superiority

05. Monsters
** alt.horror.cthulhu                

-- Bloody Hell Cthulhu type faq thingy
   v0.0  1993/04/01
   From: (The Evil REF overlord)

   >This FAQ was started by The Human Mi-Go, may they rest in peices ...
   >Some of it has been butchered by AShTON, the Evil REF Overlord,
   >to suit its own twisted sense of order.
   >It OBVIOUSLY needs work, and followups will be saved.
   >There is some crossing with the almighty Kendricks' FAQ -
   >We will sort in out in the wash,
   >Better listed twice than not at all ...

** alt.necromicon

-- Frequently Asked Questions -- The Necronomicon 
   Version 1.2, 29 June 1993
   compiled by Kendrick Kerwin Chua (kendrick+@CMU.EDU)

   Can't say enough nice things about this file (so I won't)
   It is HUGE and he's still working on it!

   >(1) What is the Necronomicon?
   >(1a) Who is H.P. Lovecraft?
   >(2) Where can I get a copy of the Necronomicon?
   >  1. The Necronomicon, edited by Simon
   >  1a. The Necronomicon Spellbook, The Gates of the Necronomicon
   >  2. The Necronomicon by Colin Wilson, edited by George Hay
   >  3. Al Azif, the Owlswick Press Necronomicon
   >  4. The Necronomicon by L. Sprague DeCamp or W.T. Faraday
  >(4) Who or what is Cthulhu?
  >(5) What is a *Necromicon*? Shouldn't it be Necronomicon?
  >(1) History of the Necronomicon, as rendered by H.P. Lovecraft

-- The Low faq

   >This version of the Necronomicon FAQ was "compiled" by Colin Low, a 
   >regular poster to alt.magick. It's main purpose was to confuse newbies 
   >and enrage people who may or may not take the book seriously.
   >All of the content is fictitious.  

   [But VERY good!]

-- The Alt.NecroMicon faq
   Date: Sun, 1 Nov 92 05:13:09 GMT
   From: (Mitchell Porter)

  >The NecroMicon (literally, "The Book of Dead Mice") is a 
  >near-legendary text, also known as "Al As-if". It was written in 
  >Damascus in 730 A.D. by Abdul Alhirra (known irreverently in the 
  >modern West as: "Bill the Cat"), of whom little is known, other than 
  >that he travelled widely and may have been the originator of the 
  >"Ackankar" cult.

-- The BovinoMicon

   >The history of the great Bovine mythos cycle is a lost and 
   >twisted one.  Of the tales of the Bovine unknown, one literary 
   >work, one tome of Bovinity, does stand out.  Yes, brutal reader, 

** alt.horror.shub-internet 
   REALLY low volume ... good idea thou!

** alt.vampyres
   Huge Following!

** alt.horror.werewolves
   Almost no traffic!

** alt.folklore.ghost-stories 
   A great place to take yer damn Ouiji stories from beyond!

&& alt.evil

** alt.horror

** alt.pulp
   Low Traffic.

~Subject: Pagan
~From: Imperfection

06. Pagan

   Welcome to the religious battleground!

** alt.pagan

   Awefull noise ratio!
   Wade in only with newsreader set on kill!
   (net.kiddies shall die choking on their own syrupy snowballs!)

-- Subject: ALT.PAGAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
   Archive-name: paganism-faq
   Last-modified: 1993/08/08
   Version: 1.5
   From: (Susan Harwood Kaczmarczik)
   Newsgroups: alt.pagan,alt.answers,news.answers

   >Many people, no doubt, will object to every part of this FAQ, but
   >we stand by it as our best attempt.

   >1)  What is this group for?
   >2)  What is paganism/a pagan?
   >2b) What is Paganism?  How is it different from paganism?
   >3)  What are different types of paganism?
   >4)  What is Witchcraft/Wicca?
   >4b) Why do some of you use the word Witch?  Wiccan?
   >5)  What are some different traditions in the Craft?
   >6)  Are pagans Witches?
   >7) Are you Satanists?
   >11) Can one be both Christian and pagan?
   >14) Why isn't it soc.religion.paganism instead of alt.pagan?

   >1) What is this group for?
   >This newsgroup is for the discussion of paganism and Witchcraft 
   >in their various forms and traditions; for sharing ideas for 
   >ritual and completed liturgy; for networking with others of a 
   >like mind and those who are not; for answering questions and 
   >disseminating information about paganism and Witchcraft (and, 
   >occasionally, for dispelling the misconceptions about same).  

   >16) What are the related newsgroups?

   >17) Are there any electronic mailing lists on this subject?
   >Many -- we will include some in our alt.pagan resources list. 
   >This list is not yet completed; we will revise the FAQ as soon as 
   >it is.

-- Pagan Catalog List
   Subject: Catalog List, Part One (LONG) [AND UPDATED!! :)]
   Date last updated:  14 Apr 93
   From: (Kimborly Ditto)

** alt.religion.all-worlds

   For the Church of All Worlds type tail-wearing pagans.
   Almost no volume.

~Subject: Pagan Related
~From: Imperfection

07. Pagan Related

   Again, a capricious lumping of frops.

** alt.native

** soc.culture.native

** soc.culture.native.american

** soc.culture.indian

** soc.culture.indian.american

** soc.culture.misc

** soc.culture.celtic

** sci.anthropology

** bitl.uus
** ciis.gianet
** gen.philosophy
** oz.pagan
** pl.sacredsound
** utne.spirit

~Subject: Schlock
~From: Imperfection

08. Schlock


** alt.buddha.short.fat.guy

** alt.folklore.urban

** alt.alien.visitors

** alt.mindcontrol  
   You WILL read this group and ENJOY it!

** alt.prophecies.nostradamus

   Legendary content ...


   Good for all your Colors O Magick posts!


~Subject: Religion
~From: Inferiority

09. Religion

   These were lumped as 'Mysticism-related'.  Wadda you think?

** alt.religion

** soc.religion.bahai

** soc.religion.eastern
   Discussion of theory and practice of all 'Eastern' trads.  
   Excellent content.

** soc.religion.islam

** alt.religion.sabaean

** aus.religion

** talk.religion.misc
   FAQ:  /usenet/talk.religion.misc

** talk.religion.newage
   FAQ:  /usenet/talk.religion.newage

** alt.religion.eckankar

** alt.religion.scientology

** talk.philosophy.misc

** soc.religion.christian

** bit.listserv.christia


** alt.messianic
   Actually high volume and content!

** soc.culture.jewish

~Subject: Arguments
~From: Inferiority

10. Arguments

** alt.soc.ethics
** alt.society.anarchy
** alt.society.civil-disob
** alt.society.civil-liberties
** alt.society.civil-liberty
** alt.society.conservatism
** alt.society.etrnl-vigilanc
** alt.society.resistance
** alt.society.sovereign

** alt.revisionism

** alt.society.revolution
** alt.revolution.counter

** alt.society.futures
** alt.culture.theory

~Subject: Science
~From: Inferiority

11. Science

** sci.cognitive
** sci.philosophy.meta
** sci.psychology

** sci.logic

** sci.sceptic
   FAQ: Posted;  /usenet/sci.sceptic


~Subject: Nets
~From: Inferiority

12. Nets

   [General information about Usenet via anon ftp: /usenet.]

   See *.answers of the [alt|comp|misc|news|rec|sci|soc|talk] prefix.

** news.answers 
   FAQs from Usenet groups posted

-- Subject: Internet Services Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ)
   Version 1.1 - 18 July, 1993
   From: (Kevin Savetz)

   >Updated site info for inter-network mail guide
   >3.4: Internet Books: Added Crossing the Internet Threshold, 
   >Exploring the Internet, Internet System Handbook.

   >SECTION 1: WHAT IS...?
   >1.1: What is Telnet?
   >1.2: What is anonymous FTP?
   >1.3: What is Usenet?
   >1.4: What is finger?
   >1.5: What is IRC?
   >1.6: What is Alex/Archie/Gopher/Hytelnet/Netfind/Prospero/
   >          Veronica/WAIS/WHOIS/WWW/X.500?
   >1.7: What is MUD/MUSH/MOO/MUCK/DUM/MUSE, etc.?

-- Subject: FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
   Date: 7 Aug 1993 01:00:25 -0400
   From: jik@GZA.COM (Jonathan I. Kamens)
   Newsgroups: comp.mail.misc,,news.newusers.questions,

** news.announce

** alt.internet



** alt.bbs.internet

** alt.gopher

** alt.wais

** alt.irc
   FAQ: Posted

** alt.usenet.recovery

** alt.usenet.addict

~Subject: Sex
~From: Wickedness

13. Sex


   Long damn posts by 'the experts'

   This one always blows my tiny little reality.
   The 'dogs faq' is a thing of strange and wonderous beauty.

   The other a.s.b ...




** alt.personals
** alt.personals.bondage



** alt.wanted.mars.women


** alt.wanted.muslem.bestiality

~Subject: Drugs
~From: Wickedness

14. Drugs

** rec.crafts.brewing


** alt.bacchus

** alt.drugs 
   FAQ: Posted  /pub/user-supported/alt.drugs

-- Subject: natural highs faq
   Date: Tue, 3 Aug 93 19:10:22 -0500
   From: (Vince Cavasin)

   >The information presented herein is for 
   >and can be found in ethnobotanical literature.  

-- Subject: [l/m 10/30/92] ADDRESSES FAQ (biweekly post)
   Date: Sun, 15 Aug 93 02:00:06 -0500
   Version: 1.2
   From: (Vince Cavasin)


** alt.drugs.caffeine 

** alt.hemp

** talk.politics.drugs

** alt.psychoactives

~Subject: Rock N Roll
~From: Wickedness
15. Rock N Roll

** alt.exotic-music

** alt.gothic
   Huge Following!

** alt.industrial
** alt.rave
** alt.rap

** alt.skinheads 
** alt.thrash
** slo.punks



** alt.rock-n-roll
** alt.rock-n-roll.hard
** alt.rock-n-roll.metal
** alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy
** alt.rock-n-roll.symphonic



~Subject: Games
~From: Corruption

16. Games

** alt.hackers

** bit.listserv.cyber-l 
** alt.cyb-sys
** alt.cyberspace
** alt.cybertoon

** sci.virtual-worlds
   FAQ:  /pub/user-supported/virtual-worlds



-- Subject: SRII: ShadowFAQ (as of August 1, 1993)
   From: (Lester Ward)
   As of: August 1, 1993
   Version: 2.4

   >This post is posted monthly and is meant to answer some FAQ 
   >(frequently asked  questions) about FASA's Shadowrun and to 
   >suggest some house rules which hope to fix some of Shadowrun's 

   >I. General
   >   A. Titling posts
   >   C. Internet Shadowrun resources
   >   E. Shadowrun Products
   >III. Combat
   >   A. Initiative
   >      1. Slowing down mages
   >IV. Decking
   >V. Magic
   >   A. Increase Initiative Spells
   >   B. Spell Locks
   >   C. Foci
   >   D. Physical Adepts and metemagic
   >   E. Superiority
   >   F. Alienation
   >   G. Grounding through Quickenings
   >   G. Grounding through astral magicians

** alt.cyberpunk

++ FAQ: Posted (get)  /pub/user-supported/alt.cyberpunk


-- Subject: []: FAQ #1/3: MUDs and MUDding
   Archive-name: games/mud-faq/part1
   Version: $Id: faq.muds,v 3.0 93/06/14 16:19:07 jds Exp $
   Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1993 06:00:16 GMT
   From: (Jennifer "Moira" Smith)

   >1. What is a MUD?
   >A MUD (Multiple User Dimension, Multiple User Dungeon, or Multiple 
   >User Dialogue) is a computer program which users can log into and 
   >explore.  Each user takes control of a computerized 
   >persona/avatar/incarnation/ character.  You can walk around, chat 
   >with other characters, explore dangerous monster-infested areas, 
   >solve puzzles, and even create your very own rooms, descriptions 
   >and items.  You can also get lost or confused if you jump right 
   >in, so be sure to read this document before starting.

   Of course, This is where the REAL work on muds happens!

** alt.mud

** alt.mud.lp
** alt.mud.moo
** alt.mudders.anonymous

** alt.hayco

** alt.fandom.cons
** alt.fandom.misc

** alt.galactic-guide


~Subject: Zines
~From: Corruption

17. Zines

** alt.zines 
++ A good number of reviews shows up here. (get)
   Subscriptions to Factsheet Five Electric
   are gained through

** alt.etext 

** misc.writing

** alt.fandom.misc

** alt.wall


~Subject: Slush
~From: Corruption

18. Slush

** alt.cult-movies

++ ALIENFAQ1.2 Posted (get)
++ Blade Runner FAQ (get)
** rec.martial-arts

** soc.feminism


** soc.women

~Subject: Glossary
~From: Tail

  frop          group
  fnord         fnord
  blarg         text

~Subject: Acknowledgements
~From: Tail

-- Usenet news reader NN (No News is Good News).  
   First I MUST thank NN.  It would be absurd for me to skim
   as many groups as I do without it.  Just floating in the 
   bit stream with the rest of you humans.
   (even this article skeleton was swiped from the faq)
   Kim Storm 
   Sven Guckes 
-- Hichhikers' Guide to the Internet
   For inspiration to climb around the internet
   and make silly lists.
   And for _The Whole Internet_ which actually caused some
   of my Palio-MagicKian friends to get jacked.
   Ed Krol 

-- For Making Silly Lists Too Numerous to Count
   Such as:
   Subject: Rules for posting to Usenet
   Newsgroups: news.announce.newusers,news.answers
   Followup-To: news.newusers.questions
   Gene Spafford 

   And is now sorrowly missed ( ?)

-- The Mage's Guide to the Internet

~Subject: Warranty
~From: Tail

   No Warranty: Because this article is provided free of charge as a 
   service to alt.magick readers, we provide absolutely no warranty, 
   to the extent permitted by applicable state law.  This article is 
   provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed 
   or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties 
   of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Should 
   the information prove defective, you assume the cost of all 
   necessary servicing, repair or correction.

~Subject: Tip
~From: Tail

  go away

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