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alt(ernative alt).zen FAQ

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Subject: Re: alt.zen FAQ (was What is Alt.Zen)
Date: 28 Apr 1999 11:58:09 -0700

I'd do those backwards. yours is introductory.  thus:...
(I'll repost this with other acceptably short additions upon occasion.)

	alt(ernative alt).zen FAQ
			 by Ned Ludd and !

                        How Chaos Died

    In ancient times, the emperor of the North and the emperor
    of the South went to visit the emperor of the Center, who 
    was named Chaos.  After being generously entertained, the
    two guests desired to repay their host's hospitality, and
    so they said, "Everyone has seven holes in his body so he
    can hear, see, breathe and eat.  But Chaos does not seem
    to have any!"  So they began to drill holes in their host.
    Every day they drilled another hole - and on the seventh
    day, Chaos died.


  Since we have no basis for dictating behavior in a group which we
  have usurped by force of numbers, we will endeavor to tolerate the
  following behaviors:

   * ad hominen, insults, excessive innuendo
   * excessive posting on off-topic subjects
   * appearing with an inconsistent personage in the form of many
     and rapidly changing source addresses and names
   * excessive cross-posting
   * assassinating the character of all the participants of the group
   * using the group rather than being a part of it
   * deception, misdirection

  In summary, the poster is largely free to rant, lie, or do whatever
  the poster wishes.  We hope this will replace what could otherwise
  be much more wrangling in many more posts.

  Remember, you must respond to it in order to complete the action.
  The action is not always immediate, so be patient. The mechanism
  may be automatic, so if you have any problems with the mechanism
  itself please send e-mail.  In time, this can replace all other 
  wranglings in which you might have engaged to register your opinion.


	o what is alt.zen?
	 an internet forum to discuss zen

	. what is zen?
	 the subject of alt.zen and alt.philosophy.zen

	- what is Zen Buddhism?
	 a religion that focusses on (za)zen as a means of waking up

	+ why is the content of alt.zen so confusing?
	 the Wheel turns, idiots write, masters ejaculate

emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

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