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Alt.Fan.Dragons Condensed FAQ

From: (Existing Phantom)
Subject: FAQ: Welcome to
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 00:01:02 GMT

Mini-FAQ: Welcome to

                             b,     b,          X:/l%   :    :  \:X 
Alt.Fan.Dragons             JPQ,    JPQ,       X:l%    :     :   '\:X
 Condenced                .dP'd|._,=dPQq\     X:l%'    :      :    '\:X
   Frequently            xdP  #P"'_    _,:   .X:l%     :       :    '\:X
     Asked            .d/"p   '  'O \  'O:;  X:l%'     :       :      \:X
        Questions   ,pP' q.          \:  `#  X:ld       :       :      ':X
                  ,d"   ,pq  .,-qx_,  "\  `Q:  l%       :       :       k:X
                ./'     Jp       .      `  ` 3  %       :        ;      k:X
               dP       p            p    `  `q         :        :      k:X
              d/       ; J,/";xpx"\: '*q    ` `\,       :         :     l:X.
             dP      ;'    dP      "\:_,`.q. /d b\      :         :      k:X
           .d'      ;    dP            .\_j '- u-'      :         :      k:X
X         ./'     ;'    /"            .'                :         ;      k:X
\X       .d'     ;    ,"             :      X:l%        :        :       k:X
:\X      d'     ;   ./'             :       X:/%        :        ;       k:X
::lX    JP     ;    J              :      .X:/ %        :       :        k;X
k:lX    #'    :    j'             :    .X:/ %           :       :       d:lX
k:lX   |P    ;     |             :  .X:/ %              :       ;       k;lX
k:lX   ||    ;    |'            : X:/ %                 ;       :      d:;X'
k:lX   d|   ;     :l           :X:/ %'                 :        :      k:lX
k:iX   #|   ;     ||          X:/ %                    ;        ;      k:lX
 k:\X  ||  ;       ||       X:/ %                     :        :       k:lX
  k:\pQJb  ;        \N.PQ XX/ %                      ;         ;       k:lX
   kJP.Ql\;          XQ. J Q J   Art by DK (c)1993  :         ;.       k:lX
===============================================================;       k:lX===
 Welcome to                                     ;      k:lX
      A discussion on all aspects of dragons                     :     k:lX
                                                                  :    k:lX
 Last Modified: 08-26-99                                           :   k:lX
                                                                   ;   k:lX
1.  Introductory Material                                          ;   k:lX
    1a.  What is this group?                                        :  k:lX
    1b.  What about posting binary pictures?                         : k:lX
    1d.  Posting in Plain Text vs. HTML format.                       .k::X
2.  Character Posting On A.f.d                                         k::X
    2a.  Is this role-playing?                                         k:\X
    2b.  How do I start and introduce myself?                           k:X
    2c.  Nobody replied to my post! Does everyone hate me?               k;
    2d.  I want to do something that involves other dragons!
    2e.  Can I post something while "out of character?"
    2f.  General Posting suggestions.
3.  Frequently Asked Questions about Dragons
    3a.  What is a dragon?
    3b.  Do dragons exist?
    3c.  Where can I find the full version of this FAQ?
    3d.  Where can I find archived post for
    3e.  Where can I find the latest version of the faq,
         NQCBGT Dragon Art, The CENSUS and the AFD Phone Book?
4   Common types of Dragons
    4a.  Komodo Dragon
    4b.  Eastern Dragons
    4c.  Western Dragons
5.  Miscellaneous Information
    5a.  Ftp Sites
    5b.  Web Sites
    5c.  IRC Sites
    5d.  Dragon Mud

1.  Introductory Material 

1a. About this newsgroup. is an unmoderated forum for the posting of any and
 all topics relating to dragons, as well as opinion, discussion, stories
 and poetry about any aspect of dragons. The discussion is not restricted 
 to any single author's or individual's views on dragons' life-cycles or 
 behavior, but is a free discussion on any aspect or ideas put forth about
 them. It is suggested that you post binary picture files regarding
 dragons to and post a reference here saying
 that you have done so and give the posted picture's subject name as you
 posted it, so that it can be easily found. (See 1b) The news group was
 created on 12/1/93.

Topics could include:

*  Discussion on dragon life cycles, social organization, behavior,
   characteristics, legends, art styles and other aspects. 
*  Discussions regarding specific author's ideas regarding dragons. 
*  Any original ideas, stories or poems. 
*  Any recent dragon sightings!
*  Character posting dragon characters.
*  Anything else that is relevant to dragons in general.

1b.  What about posting binary pictures? 

     We encourage the posting of binary dragon pictures, But
 procedure for posting any binary pictures to Usenet is to post
 them to

1d. Posting in Plain Text vs. HTML format.

     At this time we *strongly* recommend that you do not post to the news
 group in HTML (web browser) format. Please only use plain text format.
 Not everyone can read HTLM coding. If you want your post to be read by 
 everyone, you should post in plain text. Otherwise don't expect
 others to read or reply  to your posts, because they probably won't be 
 able to.

2.  Character Posting On A.f.d 

     Character posting is allowed in this group as long as it is
 dragon related. This section contains some guidelines you should
 consider when posting. 

 Keep in mind that no one is required to post to A.f.d as a dragon
 character. If you just want to start a discussion feel free to.

2a.  Is this role-playing? 

     Some individuals consider that it is role-playing, and others don't.
 There are many on the group who are dragons in mind, spirit or body. A.f.d
 is not considered a typical role-playing game or newsgroup. Individuals
 place a lot of their emotions and feelings into their post. Please keep
 this in mind when composing your posts. You should be aware that some
 individuals are exposing their inner feelings to other readers of this
 group and that the wording of your replies could cause bad feeling or
 start flame wars or discourage individuals from reading or participating
 in the newsgroup.

2b.  How do I start and introduce myself? 

     Before posting to any news group, its always best to read it for a
 few days to get the feel of it.

 First come up with a name, pseudonym or nickname.

 Next post a message describing your arrival. Include your name, or dragon
 name, describe yourself and say hi. 

 When describing your arrival there are some things that should avoided.
 You shouldn't arrive being wounded, or have any other serious problem or
 individuals chasing you. Or arrive declaring to be king, master, keeper
 of all of something that involves dragons. 

 When arriving try not to require assistance from other dragons, such as
 being wounded or chased. Some think that this  is a unique and interesting
 way of introducing yourself, but many others have already though of it.

 It's okay to hint at problems you may have or things that are after you due
 to some weird event in distant past or whatever. However, it would be best
 if such events didn't occur in the first five minutes of your arrival. If
 you would like to do something like this, build up to it after your
 introduction and gave the other readers and posters of a.f.d a chance to
 meet you. The posters of a.f.d are friendly group and they will welcome
 you even if your arrival isn't an earthshaking event.

2c.  Nobody replied to my post! Does everyone hate me? 

     No, they don't. There are several possibilities. The most likely is
 just that you haven't waited long enough. Wait at least five days before
 giving up on replies. 

 Another possibility is that your news-server isn't working. Find a poster
 who seems to be pretty active at the moment, and email them asking if
 they saw your post. If not they didn't, try sending it again or talking
 with you local News Administrator. 

 You always can try posting again if your post seems to have been missed.

2d.  I want to do something that involves other individual's dragons! 

     There is one key rule here. Never act for another dragon. Don't say
 "other dragon does this", or "other dragon says", or anything similar.
 The other dragon or individual will decide what they do. Don't make
 assumptions about what other posters will say or do, let them do it
 themselves. If you need to include another poster, get their permission

2e.  Can I post something while "out of character?" 

     Yes, you can. Some of the common terms and phrases used when posting
 out of character are "this is my human form saying" or "my typist says."
 This is generally used while character posting an event or remark. You 
 are certainly free to state "out of character" comments or
 discussions however you wish.

2f.  General Posting suggestions.

 1) Keep you line lengths under 75 characters when making posts. Most 
    people reading news only have screens that display line widths of
    80 characters. You may want to use a font like Monaco to keep your
    font characters even.
 2) When replying to another individual's post don't repost the whole
    message. Most individuals reading the newsgroup have already read it.
    Edit and post sections that introduce what your replying to
    so readers will still know what you are talking about.
 3) Please don't post private & personal email messages or discussions to
    the newsgroup without consulting the other party. 
 4) If you have a personal dispute with another individual take it to email.
 5) If you are dissatisfied with how something is working out on a.f.d or
    or get into a personal dispute with someone. Please don't threaten to
    leave or say your leaving because this individual did this. Especially
    when you are planning on coming back. If you really must leave and can't
    work out your differences, please don't place blame when you leave. Its
    unfair to everyone who has to read a.f.d. to have to be pulled into
    your dispute. 
 6) If a discussion of a non-Character playing nature has started please
    be curtious to those whom have started the descussion and keep your
    posts relevant to the discussion topic. 
3.  Frequently Asked Questions about Dragons

3a.  What is a dragon?

 drag-on \'dragen, -raig-\ n -s 

  1: archaic: a huge serpent 
  2: a fabulous animal generally represented as a monstrous winged and
     scaly serpent or saurian with a crested head and enormous claws 
  3: a: the heraldic representation of a monster with a griffin's head, a
        scaly winged body with four legs and claws, and a long barbed tail
        and tongue borne as a charge or used as a supporter 

3b.  Do dragons exist?

     Yes, they actually do, but not always in the historical/mythical from
 that most individuals are familiar with. There are several lizards that
 bare the name dragon, the best known being the Komodo Dragon. Dragons also
 exist in symbolism's, history and the largest free roaming habitat of all,
 the imagination.

3c.  Where can I find the full version of this FAQ?

3d.  Where can I find archived post for

 See ftp sites: /pub/dragons/text/afd

3e.  Where can I find the latest version of the faq, NQCBGT Dragon Art,
     The CENSUS and the AFD Phone Book?

 If you have web access you can get the latest updates from:

4.  Common types of Dragons

4a.   Komodo Dragon

     The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard found on Komodo Island, 
 part of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. They have long sharp claws,
 greenish-black hide, forked tongues (used for smelling), and a hinged jaw
 like that of a snake. They are solitary animals.

4b.  Eastern Dragons

     Chinese dragons have four legs and a long, sinuous body with a snake-
 like tail. Their horns resemble those of a stag, head like that of 
 a camel, eyes resemble those of a demon or a rabbit (because they glow red),
 neck of a snake, belly of a clam, scales like those of a carp, claws of an 
 eagle, the paws of a tiger, and ears like those of a bull. They have 81
 scales and can be black, red, white or yellow (considered superior). They
 have a great pearl which they carry in their throats which symbolizes wisdom.

4c.  Western Dragons

     Western dragons are extremely diverse in every aspect. They have four
 legs, the front legs often used normally like human arms & hands. They have
 two wings often jointed above the front arms, a long tail and neck with
 scales, hide or fur. They come in all colors and shades. Their hands and
 feet are clawed. They sometimes have hard or soft plated ridges from the
 nape of the neck to the tip of the tail. They have head crests usually in the
 form of horns or protective plates. They are often able to expel flame, smoke
 or other substance from their mouth for the purpose of defense or attack. 

5.  Miscellaneous Information

5a.  Ftp sites

Here are a list of sites where you can find some dragon pictures:          /pub/dragons  ( ftpsite)     /pub/misc/tolkien/pics/glorund.jpg
                             /pub/pic/gif/fantasy                /pub/pictures/fantasy

 You can also watch for pictures posted to

5b. Web sites

World Wide Web pages & ftp sites regarding dragons: Web site:
    - Has links to most of the known dragon web sites, plus current
      informational files, a.f.d Usenet news link and IRC #afd chat
      channel, plus dragon web rings.

5c. IRC Sites

 IRC - Internet Relay Chat - is a means of talking with friends over
 the internet in real time rather than thru e-mail or newsgroup postings.

 Dos & Windows - mIRC
 Macintosh     - IRCle
 Other systems -    

Quick Irc commands: 
  /msg helpServ ?      -get help from the Irc help server.
  /join #channel       -join a channel. 
  /quit                -quit irc.

 To connect to DALnet:
  /serv 7000            (using a irc client)
  telnet             (using telnet)

 Here are IRC channels where you can chat and discuss dragons:

  /join #afd           (active discussion of a.f.d)
  /join #IRCHelp       (operator help channel)
  /join #kelekona      (AFD poetry readings Sun 8pm PST)
  /join #Hawaiian_Weyr (AFD poetry workshop Sat 5pm PST)
  /join #afdbook       (AFD publishing meetings Sat 12pm PST)

 To join the #afd listserver emailing list, send email to
  and in the body of your email message put "subscribe afd" Topic of this
  list are generally technical issues regarding the running of #afd.

 For more information on DALnet visit the Dalnet Web Site at 
5d.  Dragon Mud

     If you wish to play a dragon character on a mud you can visit's Alfandria MUCK at

Special thanks to John Katen, Mike Pflueger, Hisatamo Shoten,  
Roger Chen, and Samuel Marshall for helping gather information.

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~  .            .      .        Nasha tai no kasei!         .   . ~
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~  .            .               Prosperity and Long Life, To You. ~
~  .... xisting . hantom              .             .             ~
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