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alt.magick FAQ: DEMONREF

alt.magick FAQ: DEMONREF

Usenet's alt.magick FAQ:

a cache of captured names and descriptions of demons
compiled from usenet, from 1995 to the present.

This is a REFerence file for the alt.magick newsgroup. As such it constitutes an attendant file to the alt.magick FAQ, which is intended as an introductory file and its content may be discussed within the alt.magick.* constellation. The FAQ is available at:

Name: Demons
Version: 200010
Supercedes: 9910
Originated: 9811

This file may be found at:
Spelling and format editing has occurred within these posts;  
some email addresses may be out of date.

Spelling and format editing has occurred within these posts;  
some email addresses may be out of date.

The information below is copyright the alt.magick newsgroup. 
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'abaddown - angel of the bottomless [deepest] pit of sheol [abode of the dead]
'atsab - idol [SPOOKY ONE HERE EH?]
beliya'al - worthless, ungodly
heylel ben shacher - morning or day star [Venus?] son of Dawn, [Roman Lucifer?]
rasha' - bad, ungodly, wicked person
rasha' yad - hand of the wicked, the wicked one
ruwach ra' - foul wind, evil spirit [flatulence?]
ruwach sheqer - false or lying spirit
ruwach tam'ah- unclean spirit
sa'iyr - satyr, goat-demon [I've seen these, basically possessed goats]
satan - the adversary  [or prosecuting attorney]
shed - malignant demon [the worst kind, think about it!]


aggelos abussos - angel of the abyss [Hebrew 'abaddown? Greek apolluon?]
aggelos hamartano - angel of sin, bad angel
aggelos hepta echo hepta eschatos plege - 7 angels with the 7 final plagues
aggelos oxus drepanon - angle with sharp sickle
aggelos phos - angel of light [hmm, sometimes light is good, and sometimes
               bad, hmm?, tie in to roman lucifer?]
aggelos satanas - angel of the accuser
aggelos tereo arche apoleipo idios oiketerion - angels who guard the
                             chief, but left their station
aggelos theristes - reaping angel [lovely, very graphic, aka the grim reaper]
akathartos - that which is unclean or foul
alexandros - man-defender [obvious to subgenii]
antichristos - antichrist [SPOOKY!]
antidikos - adversary
apistos diastrepho genea - faithless and perverse generation [COOL!]
apolluon - apollyon, the destroyer, angel of the abyss
archaios ophis - the primeval snake [hmm, phallos?]
archon daimonion - chief demon-god, beelzebub?
archon exousia aer - chief of the air-force [now this is something to be
                     concerned about!] [MEGA-SPOOKY!]
archon toutou kosmos - chief of this world
archon manaen - Chief Manaen, member of Herod's court [Government?]
babulon megas meter porne bdelugma ge - Babylon the great, mother of whores
                                        and abominations of the earth
balaam - Mesopotamian prophet
balak - a Moabite?
basileia merizo - divided kingdom
basileus ge - kings of the earth
beelzeboul - dung-god, beelzebul, beelzebub [God of Dung, classic!]
belial - worthless one, derived from Hebrew beliya'al - worthless, ungodly
chi xi stigma - six hundred and sixty six, the number of the beast!
daimon - demon [Latin: daemon]
daimon pneuma - demon spirits
daimonion - demon-god, demon of demons, transcendent demon
daimonion akathartos - unclean demon-god
daimonion didaskalia - demon-god doctrine [Satanism?]
daimonian hepta - seven demon-gods [always with the sevens eh?]
daimonion poterion - cup (drink) of the demon-gods
daimonion trapeza - table (food) of the demon-gods
daimonizomai - demoniac [person or thing possessed by a demon]
daimonizomai exerchomai mnemeion - demoniac from the grave
diabolos - false accuser, devil
diabolos ergon - work of the devil
diabolos huios - son of the false accuser
diabolos krima - decision of the false accuser
diabolos methodeia - path of the false accuser
diabolos pagis - trap of the false accuser
diabolos pater - father of the false accuser
diabolos teknon - children of the false accuser
drakon - dragon [Freudian]
drakon purrhos - fire-like (red) dragon
echthros pas dikaiosune - enemy of all righteousness
exousia skotos - the dark force [shades of star wars]
gog - antichrist [and you thought those TV-ministers made this up?]
hepta phiale thumos theos - seven bowls of the wrath of God
huios apeitheia - son of disbelief [atheists?]
humenaios - Hymenaeus, an opponent of Christianity, name derived from
            Humen, the Greek god of weddings [interesting eh?]
iezabel - Jezabel, a Tyrian woman, false prophet
kataraomai - accursed one
kosmokrator shotos toutou aion - world rulers of the era of
                                 darkness or shadiness
kratos thanatos - vigor of death [nice metaphor!]
leukos nephele nephele kathemai homoios huios anthropos echo epi
       kephale chruseos stephanos cheir oxus drepanon - white cloud and
       on the cloud sits one like the son of man having on his head
       a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle! [phew!]
magog - nation of antichrist, barbarous northern region [Turkey, USSR?]
metaschematizo diakonos dikaiosune - disguised ministers of righteousness
mnemeion anthropos - man from the grave
nikolaites - a Nicolaite, i.e. adherent of Nicolaus, [Santa Claus?]
oikia merizo - divided home or household
olothreutes - the destroyer
orneon miseo - birds of hate
pharmakeia - medication, drugs, magic, sorcery, witchcraft
pharmakeus, pharmakos - druggist, poisoner, magician, sorcerer
pater pseutes - father of lies
peirazo - tempter, tester
pneuma akathartos - foul wind, evil spirit [greek flatulence?]
pneuma alalos - spirit that makes one mute
pneuma kophos - spirit that makes one deaf and mute
pneuma planos - roving (tramp) spirit [Gypsies?]
pneuma puthon - spirit of divination [another attack of pagans or shamans?]
pneumatikos poneria epouranios - humanly spirits of depravity in the heavens?
            [OK, see if you can figure this out?]
poneros - hurtful one
poneros huios - son of the hurtful one
poneros pneuma - hurtful spirit
poneros puroo belos - flaming arrows of the hurtful one [missles?]
poterion oinos thumos orge - winecup [drink] of wrath and anger
pseudoprophetes - false prophet
satanas - the accuser, derived from Hebrew satan - the adversary
satanas bathos - mystery of the accuser [hmm, ok]
satanas katoikeo - accuser's dwelling
satanas thessalonike - from  Thessalos (a Thessalian) and Thessalonice
              (Thessalonica, a place in Asia Minor), Satan's throne
seleniazomai - moonstruck, lunatic [classic!]
sunagoge satanas - synagogue of the accuser
theos toutou aion - god of this era
therion - dangerous animal, beast
therion anabaino abussos - beast that comes up from the abyss
therion anabaino thalassa - beast that comes up from the sea
therion anabaino ge - beast that comes up from the earth
therion charagma e onoma - mark or name of the beast
therion kokkinos - scarlet beast
therion onoma e arithmos - name or number of the beast [Bar Codes fer sure!]
therion therion - wild or beastly beasts [double trouble]

© 1996 reficul ( 
© 1996 Paul Harvey ([email deleted per request])



>'abaddown - angel of the bottomless [deepest] pit of sheol [abode of the dead]

This is sometimes interpreted as "Abaddon", who guards against someone escaping
from the abyss.

>beliya'al - worthless, ungodly

Which may have later become the demon Belial

>antidikos - adversary

Actually, it literally can mean "one who speaks against"--which is an 

>archaios ophis - the primeval snake [hmm, phallos?]

Probably not "phallos"--"archaios ophis" literally means "very old snake".

>archon exousia aer - chief of the air-force [now this is something to be
>                     concerned about!] [MEGA-SPOOKY!]

Actually, "exousia" has a translation which is closer to "that which comes
from the essence of" than "force".  This would make an "archon exousia aer"
the chief of that which comes from the essences of the air.

>diabolos - false accuser, devil

Interesting, I had thought that, at least in Spanish, "El Diabolo" meant
"the double-eater" (who devoured body and soal).  Is this a mystical pun?

>exousia skotos - the dark force [shades of star wars]

Actually, it probably means "that which comes from the essense of 'darkness'".
Darkness being only one translation of "skotos".  The word also had
connotations of uncleaness, feces (from which we get the term scotophilia),

© 1996 (Bryan J. Maloney)



(Bryan J. Maloney) writes:
> (Paul Harvey) writes:

> > diabolos - false accuser, devil

> Interesting, I had thought that, at least in Spanish, "El Diabolo" meant
>"the double-eater" (who devoured body and soal).  Is this a mystical pun?

dia (across) + bolos (throw) is the Greek and Latin derivation of diabolos.

Latin word play: di (double) + abolere (abolish). From what I could figure out,
the word abolish only comes from Latin, it does not go back to a Greek word
and even if there is a word, it is not used in the Biblical texts. So it looks
like the double-eater double entendre only applies to Latin and Romance
languages. It does have a certain - um, j'ne sais quoi to it. Of course
it doesn't really compare to the roma backwards is amor of langue d'Oc.

© 1996 (Paul Harvey)  
© 1996 reficul ( 



[and you thought those TV-ministers made this up?]

Revelatyions 20:7 (NRSV) 
When the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from
his prison (8) and will come out to deceive the nations at the four corners
of the earth, Gog and Magog, in order to gather them for battle; they
are as numerous as the sands of the sea.

(From Strong's Concordance) 

G1136 Gog, gogue; of Heb. or[igin]. 
H1463 Gog, a symb. name for some future Antichrist: -- Gog.
H1463 Gowg, gohg; of uncert[ain]. der[ivation].; Gog, the name of an Isr[aelite]., 
      also of some northern nation:-- Gog.
G3098 Magog, mag-ogue'; of Heb. or[igin]. 
H4031 Magog, a for. nation,
      i.e.  (fig.) an Antichristian party:-- Magog.
H4031 Magowg, maw-gogue'; from H1463; Magog, a son of Japheth;
      also a barbarous northern region:-- Magog.

© 1996 (Paul Harvey)
The information above is copyright the alt.magick newsgroup. 
It may be electronically reproduced without profit as long 
as this copyright notice and any source attributions are preserved.
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