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Aleister Crowley: A Legacy of Racism, Gender-Bias, Nationalism, and Bigotry

Aleister Crowley: A Legacy of Racism and Nationalism

and Other Forms of BIGOTRY
in the Writings of

These documents grew out of discussions in Usenet and in the Thelema93-L discussion group. They are archived with permission of the writers.


Prejudice means to pre-judge someone or soimething before coming to know it. Bias means to look at someone or something in a slanted, skewed, or unfair way.

Racial prejudice, often called racism, entails pre-judging people -- including their capacity for spiritual attainment, their fitness for employment, their suitability to breed future generations, and their worth as employees -- on the basis of their race. It also may include (but need not), the establishment of standards of treatment based on their race. Aleister Crowley did both of these things.

Gender-bias, also called sexism, entails pre-judging people on the basis of their gender. Crowley pre-judged people based on their gender. He sought to inculcate his students with magickal and behavioural standards of treatment for others based on their gender and he also set forth what he held to be spiritual, religious, and fraternal order standards beased on gender, by which he delimited the differential degrees of attainment he believed could be achieved by people of each gender.

Nationality-bias, generally called nationalism, entails pre-judging people on the basis of their nation of origin, and is also sometimes used to refer to a stated belief that the people in power in one's own nation are superior to the people of other nations. Crowley pre-judged people based on their nationality and he sought to inclulcate his readers with behavioural standards of treatment for others based on their nationality.

In sum, racism, gender bias, nationalism, and other forms of prejudice are grouped together under the heading of bigotry.

Consult a standard dictionary for forther definitions of terms.

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