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Magick Oriented Reading
Maintained by Reto Kohli,
Original Version by
revision date: 960401

This document is copyrighted by Reto Kohli.  You may distribute it in any
form, electronic or other, as long as it is unchanged and complete.

 Please send your contribution to

Thanks to all who have contributed to this posting!

I haven't verified all of the following informations (In fact, I did hardly
anything).  This list is still incomplete.  If you have any hints and/or
comments, please drop me a line.
I'm also interested in translations, ISBN and all other related information,
so I can make this list more complete in the future.
Please consider sending your contributions in a form similar to the list, this
will make my work much easier.  Thank you!

The list is split in three parts:  One for fiction, one for non-fiction, and
one for those I don't know where they belong.  :)

Major change in this revision:
Author's names are no longer "first-name last-name", but "last, first"


Authors and Titles: (Sorted by Author)

Adams, Douglas			Hitchhikers Guide

Anderson, Poul			Hrolf Kraki's Saga
				Time Patrol stories
				Technic Civilization series

Anthony, Piers			Xanth series
				Incarnations of Immortality series
				Tarot series

Auel, Jean			Clan of the Cave Bear series

MacAvoy, Rhonda A.		A Trio For Lute
				also published as 3 books:
					Damiano's Lute
				Twisting The Rope
				Book of Kells

Bach, Richard			Jonathan Livingston Seagull
				Bridge Across Forever

Bantock, Nick			Griffin & Sabine

Barker, Clive			Imajica
				The Great and Secret Show
				others ?

Barrett, Francis			The Magus

Baudino, Gael			Gossamer Axe
				Strands of Starlight
				(2nd or 3rd in a series)

Baum, Frank L.			The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Beagle, Peter S.		The Last Unicorn

Blaylock, James P.		The Paper Grail
				The Last Coin

Borges, Jorge Luis		Labyrinths
(Argentinian)			and others

Bradbury, Ray			Something Wicked This Way Comes

Brennan, Barbara			Hands of Light

Burroughs, William Seward	Cities of the Red Night
				Nova Express
					Loads of information about
					self-programming and mind control.

Byatt, A. S.			Possession
				The Virgin in the Garden

Card, Orson Scott		Enders Game

Carroll, Lewis			Alice in Wonderland
				Through the Looking Glass

Clarke, A. C.			Childhoods End

Cooper, Susan			The Dark is Rising
				and others

Crowley, Aleister		Moonchild

Crowley, John			Little, Big

Delano, Jamie			Hellblazer (DC Comics) upto issue 40

Dennett, Daniel C.		Consciousness Explained
				The Mind's I (with Douglas R. Hofstadter)

Dick, Philip K.			Ubik
				The Divine Invasion
				The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
				Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Dickson, Gordon R.		Childe Cycle
					Lost Dorsai
					Soldier, Ask Not

Donaldson, Stephen K.		The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the
				Mirror of Her Dreams

Duane, Diane			Support Your Local Wizard
					(This is an omnibook of these 3:
					So You Want To Be A Wizard
					Deep Wizardry
					High Wizardry)
				Spock's World

Eco, Umberto			Foucault's Pendulum

Ellison, Harlan			I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
					(short story, all of his work is)
				Deathbird Stories

L'Engle, Madeleine		The Wrinkle in Time series
				A Ring of Endless Light
				Wind in the Door
				Swiftly Tilting Planet
				Time Trilogy

de St.-Exupery, Antoine		The Little Prince

Fletcher, Robert		The Incomplete Enchanter
and					(or is it `The Intrepid Enchanter',
Sprauge De Camp, L.			or even `The Complete Enchanter?)

Fortune, Dione			The Goat-Footed God
				The Winged Bull
				Moon Magic
				Sea Priestess
				Moon Magic

Fowles, John			The Magus

Gaiman, Neil			Good Omens
(with Terry Pratchett)

Gibson, William			Neuromancer
				Count Zero
				Mona Lisa Overdrive

Graeme, Kenneth 		The Wind In The Willows

Graves, Robert			The White Goddess

LeGuin, Ursula K.		Always Coming Home
				The EarthSea Trilogy
					A Wizard of Earthsea
					The Tombs of Atuan
					The Farthest Shore
				The Left Hand of Darkness

Hambly, Barbara			The Silicon Mage
				The Dark Hand of Magic

Hand, Elizabeth			Winterlong
				Aestival Tide
				Icarus Descending

Hardy, Lyndon			The Master of Five Magics
				The Secret of the Sixth Magic

Heinlein, Robert		Number of the Beast
				Stranger in a Strange Land
				Door Into Summer

Herbert, Frank			Dune

Hesse, Hermann			Demian
				Das Glasperlenspiel (The Glass Bead Game)

Hoban, Russell			Turtle Diary
				Riddley Walker
				The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz

Horwood, William		Duncton Wood

Huxley, Aldous			The Doors of Perception
					Heaven and Hell

Jennings, Gary			Aztec

Jones, Diana Wynne		Charmed Life

Kerr, Katherine			The Westlands Series
					The Bristling Wood
					The Dragon Revenant
					A Time of Exile
					A Time of Omens
					Days of Blood & Fire
					Days of Air & Darkness

McKillip, Patricia A.		Riddlemaster Trilogy

King, Stephen			The Shining
				The Stand

Kurtz, Katherine		Deryni novels
				Camber trilogy

Kurtz/Harris			The Adept novels

Lackey, Mercedes		The Valdemar series
				The Tarma & Kethry stories,
				Diana Tregarde books
				Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
				The Serrated Edge books
?				Knight

Lawhead, Stephen		Pendragon Cycle

Lessing, Doris			Canopus in Argus: Archives

Lewis, C. S.			The Chronicles of Narnia

Lovecraft, Howard P.		The Call of Cthulhu
				The Thing of the Doorstep
				The Colour Out of Space

Luppi, Diana			ET101

Machen, Arthur			Tales of Horror
				the Supernatural

May, Julian			Saga of Pliocene Exile
				The Adversary
				Jack the Bodiless

Melville, Herman		The Confidence Man

Millman, Dan			Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Minsky				Society of Mind

Mitchner, James			The Source
(or Michener?)

Moorcock, Michael		Elric series
				Cornelius Chronicles

Moore, Thomas			Care of the Soul

Needleman, Jacob		Sorcerers

Niven and Gerrold		The Flying Sorcerrs

Norton, Andre			Moon of Three Rings
				Witch World series
				Lavender-Green Magic

Paxson, Diana L.		The Raven And The Wolf
				(based on Norse magic and mythology)

Pirsig, Robert			Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Poe, Edgar Allen		The Raven
				Annabel Lee

Powers, Tim			The Anubis Gates
				On Stranger Tides
				The Stress of Her Regard
[Note - I understand there's more than one contemporary novelist
called Tim Powers.  This one is American and was born in 1952 -
I think the other is British.]

Pynchon, Thomas			Gravity's Rainbow
				others ?

Rice, Anne			Interview with Vampire

Robinson, Spider		Mindkiller
				(several of his "Callahan's Crosstime
				Saloon" short stories have magical themes,
				most notably "The Mick Of Time" (yes, with
				an "M") and "Paranoid".)

Sacks, Oliver			The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Scholes				Fabulation and Metafiction (1979)

Scott, Melissa			The Roads of Heaven
					Five-Twelfths of Heaven
					Silence in Solitude
					The Empress of Earth

Sendak, Maurice			Where the Wild Things Are

Dr. Seuss			The Lorax

Shakespeare			Macbeth
				The Tempest
				Midsummer Night's Dream

Simmons, Dan			Hyperion Cantos:
					The Fall of Hyperion
				and others

Stasheff, Christopher		Warlock series
				Wizard series

Stephenson, Neal		Snow Crash
	ISBN 0-553-56261-4 (pbk)

Stewart, Mary			Arthur/Merlin series
					The Crystal Cave
					The Hollow Hills

Storm, Constantine		An Elemental Tale
				A sign for the sacred

Strieber, Whitley		Cat Magic

Talbott				The Hologrphic Universe

Tarr, Judith			The Hound and the Falcon (trilogy)

Tierney, Patrick		The Highest Altar (sp?)
				(Human sacrifice in the mountains
				of S. America)

Tolkien, J. R. R.		Lord of the Rings series
				The Silmarillion
				The Hobbit
				Tree and Leaf

Travers, P. L.			The Mary Poppins books

Twain, Mark			Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court

Vance, Jack			Lyonesse
					Suldrun's Garden
					The Green Pearl

VanDike				Witches of Eastwick

Vonnegut, Kurt			The Sirens of Titan
				Slaughterhouse Five
				Welcome to the Monkeyhouse

Weis, Margaret			The Darksword trilogy
Tracy Hickman			The Rose of the Prophet Series
(Did they write these together?)The Dark Gate Cycle

White, T. H.			The Once and Future King

Williams, Margery		The Velveteen Rabbit
	Sound recording by Rabbit Ears Radio, featuring Meryl Streep
	reading and Paul Winston in accompaniment

Wilson, E. O.			Sociobiology

Wilson, Robert Anton		Cosmic Trigger
				(Anything by him will have strong
				magical overtones.)

Wilson, Robert Anton		The Illuminatus Trilogy
& Shea, Robert			Masks of the Illuminatus

Wolfe, Gene			The Book of the New Sun
				The Urth of the New Sun
				The Sword of the Lictor

Zelazny, Roger			Amber series
				Creatures of Light and Darkness
				Jack of Shadows

Zimmer Bradley, Marion		Darkover books
				The Mists of Avalon
				The Inheritor

Zimmer Bradley, Marion	?	Those who hunt the night
and Hambly, Barbara	?	The Adept

Various	Authors			The Wild Card series
(Can anyone give some names?)

Comic Books:

Kid Eternity (3 issues, by DC comics)
The Magik limited series (#1-#4)
The original Elfquest (#1-#20)
The Phoenix saga (Uncanny X-Men #100-#137)

Gaiman, Neil			Sandman
				Hellblazer (with Jamie Gaiman)

Lee, Stan			The Doctor Strange comics
	Illustrated by Steve Ditko. Various authors and illustrators have
	carried on, but they were the creators of the character.
				Doctor Strange: Shambhala
	Graphic Novel written by J.M. de Matteis and illustrated by Dan Green

Manara, Milo			A Journey to Tulum
				Bergmann series

Morrison, Grant			Doom Patrol
				The Invisibles


Elegia, 3116 Porter Lane, Ventura Ca 93003
Provides a fairly high understanding of the magical process cast
in the current Gothic idiom.

Gnosis, Magical Blend, Mezlim, Shaman's Drum


Babylon 5
Blake's 7 (first two seasons)
Doctor Strange TV Series

Authors Unknown:

Austins' series
Flatland (I think it's Gregory Abbott)
Island, Heaven and Hell
The Magic Pebble
The Secret Garden
Seven Arrows
Sot Weed Factor
The Velveteen Rabbit
Where the Wild Things Are

If you have any information on one or more of the above, please
let me know.

More Authors:

Aquinas, Thomas
Barth, John
Bartheme, Donald
Brooks, Terry
Brunner, John			Sheep look up
				Stand on Sansibar
				Shockwave rider
McCaffrey, Anne
Carpentier, Alejandro (Cuban)
Carroll, Peter
St. Clair, Margaret
Coover, Robert
Delany, Samuel R.		Dhalgren
				Babel 17
Dereleth, August		(Fiction)
Descartes, René
Eddings, David
Gaskin, Stephen
Gass, William
Grass, Gunter (German)
Grimm Brothers
Jordan, Robert
Kant, Immanuel				Critique of Pure Reason
					Critique of Practical Reason
Leary, Timothy
Leiber, Fritz
De Lint, Charles
Long, F. B.
Mann, Thomas
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia (Columbian/Mexican)
Poe, Edgar Allen
Ezra Pound (poetry)
Reed, Ishmael
Robbins, Tom 			Der Buntspecht
Sheckley, Robert
Shirley, John			Corona (trilogy)
Smith, C. A.
Spinoza, Baruch			Ethics
Sterling, Bruce			Schismatrix
Swedenborg, Emmanuel		(Non-fiction)
Williams, Charles
Williams, Walter Jon
Wittgenstein, Ludwig		(All)
	Austian-born English Philosopher, 1889-1951

If you know more about one of these authors, a title,
well, anything; tell me.


Authors and Titles: (Sorted by Author)

Abelar, Taisha			The Sorcerers' Crossing
				(The Art of Stalking)
	New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Viking Penguin, 1992 (hc).
	252 p. ; 24 cm.  ISBN 0-670-84272-9
and	New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Arkana, 1993 (pbk).
	252 p. ; 20 cm.  ISBN 0-14-019-366-9

Adler, Margot			Drawing Down the Moon

de Agrippa, Cornelius		Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Alli, Antero			Angel Tech

Ashcroft-Nowicki, Dolores	Highways of the Mind
				First Steps in Ritual
				Ritual Magic Workbook
					(ISBN 0-85030-467-9)

Aristotle			(All)

Barham, Marti and		The Silver Cord
Greene, Tom
	Marina Del Rey, CA : DeVorss & Company
	ISBN #0-87516-562-1

Bonewits, Isaac			Real Magic

Butler, W. E.			Apprentice to Magic
				The Initiate

Carroll, Peter			Liber Null & Psychonaut
				Liber Kaos

Castaneda, Carlos		The Teachings of Don Juan
	Berkeley, University of California Press, 1968.
	viii, 196 p. ; 24 cm.
and	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1973.
	288 p. ; 22 cm.
and	New York : Washington Square Press, 1990.
	256 p.  ISBN 0-671-60041-9

Castaneda, Carlos		A Separate Reality
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1971.
	317 p. ; 22 cm.  ISBN 671-20897-7 (cb)
	ISBN 671-21074-2 (pbk)

Castaneda, Carlos		Journey to Ixtlan
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1972.
	315 p. ; 22 cm.

Castaneda, Carlos		Tales of Power
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1974.
	287 p. ; 22 cm.
and	New York : Washington Square Press, 1992.
	295 p.  ISBN 0-671-73252-8

Castaneda, Carlos		The Second Ring of Power
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1977.
	316 p. ; 22 cm.
and	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1979.
	316 p. ; 21 cm.

Castaneda, Carlos		The Eagle's Gift
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1981.
	316 p. ; 22 cm.

Castaneda, Carlos		The Fire From Within
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1984.
	296 p. ; 22 cm.

Castaneda, Carlos		The Power of Silence
	New York : Simon and Schuster, 1987.
	286 p. ; 22 cm.

Castaneda, Carlos		The Art of Dreaming
	New York, NY : HarperCollins Publishers, 1993.
	xi, 260 p. ; 25 cm.

Chumbley			Azoetia

Crowley, Aleister		The Book of Thoth
				Magick Without Tears (Ed. Regardie)
				Book Four (Ed. H. Beta)
					Magick in Theory and Practice
				Liber Aleph
				The Book of Lies
				The Holy Books of Thelema (Ed. H. Alpha)
				Gems of the Equinox (Ed. Regardie)
				The Law is For All (Ed. Regardie)
				The Confessions of Aleister Crowley
					(Eds. Symonds/Grant)

Cunningham, Scott		Earth Power
					"Techniques of Natural Magic"
				Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
					"More Techniques of Natural Magic"

Dennings & Phillips		The Magical Philosophy Series (3 Vols.)

Donner, Florinda		Shabono
				(Indians, Shamanism, Ethnology)
	New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : HarperCollins (pbk).
	305 p. ; 20 cm.  ISBN 0-06-250242-5

Donner, Florinda		The Witch's Dream
	New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster, Inc.), 1986 (pbk).
	306 p. ; 17 cm.  ISBN 0-671-64806-3

Donner, Florinda		Being-In-Dreaming
				(The Art of Dreaming)
	New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : HarperCollins, 1991 (pbk).
	303 p. ; 20 cm.  ISBN 0-06-250233-6

Fielding, Charles		The Practical Qabalah

Fortune, Dion			The Mystical Qabalah
	England, 1935
	York Beach, Maine, U.S.A. : Samuel Weiset, Inc. (pbk).
	ISBN 0-87728-596-9

Frazer, J. G.			The Golden Bough

Gleick, James			Chaos
				(Book on Chaos Theory and science, not really
				magickal, but very magical with regard to
				everyday life)

Gray, William			Ladder of Lights

King, Francis			The Secret Rituals of the OTO
	OP, you'll only get it through libraries, since the OTO has the

Knight, Gareth			Experience of the Inner Worlds

Kraig, Donald Michael		Modern Magick

Levi, Eliphas			Transcendental Magic
				History of Magic

Machiavelli, Niccolo		The Prince

Musashi, Miyamoto		The Book of Five Rings

Nietzsche, Friedrich		The Will to Power
				Thus Spake Zarathustra

Plato				The Republic
				The Apology

Ponce, Charles			The Qabalah
				The Game of Wizards

Regardie, Israel		Garden Full of Pomegranates
				The Middle Pillar
				Foundations of Practical Magic
				The Tree of Life

Spare, Austin Osman		The Book of Pleasure

Starhawk			Spiral Dance

Stewart, R. J.			Advanced Magical Arts

Tyson, Donald			The New Magus

Tzu, Chuang			The Inner Chapters

Tzu, Lao			Tao Te Ching

Tzu, Sun			The Art of War

Frater U.'.D.'./V.'.D.'.	The Secrets of the German Sex Magicians
				Practical Sigil Magick


The Bible			The Old Testament

Hofstadter, Douglas		Goedel, Escher, Bach
				Metamagical Themas

Mythology: (Hmm. Is this fiction or not?)

Norse, Tuetonic, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, N. and S. American
Indian mythology, Fairytales of all types
One Thousand and One Arabian Nights

Underhill, Evelyn		Mysticism
	a readable intro, but of occasionally dated scholarship

Part 3: Who knows anything about these?

Haight Ashbury Flashbacks (?)	Amazing Dope Tales

Culling, Louis			The Complete Magick Curriculum of the
					secret order of G.'.B.'.G.'.
	(St.Paul, Llewellyn Publications, 1969).

Eliade, Mircea			The Sacred and the Profane
				A History of Religious Ideas

Fortune, Dion			The Esoteric Philosophy of Love & Marriage
				Applied Magic & Aspects of Occultism
				Cosmic Doctrine
				Esoteric Orders & Their Work & Training &
					Work of the Initiate
				Glastonbury- Avalon of the Heart
				Psychic Self Defense
				Sane Occultism & Practical Occultism in
					Daily Life
				Through the Gates of Death & Spiritualism
					in The Light of Occult Sciences
	All from:
	Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2RQ, England : The Aquarian
	Press, Thorsons Publishing Group

Hammer, Marc			The Jeshua Letters
	Tacoma, WA 98411-0162 : Kendra Press.
	ISBN #0-963-00840-4

Howe				The Magicians Of The Golden Dawn

Thompson, Charles Fairfax	The Forbidden book of Knowledge
	privately published in Los Angeles in 1981

Wilber, Ken			A Sociable God

Zukav				The Seat of the Soul

?				The Bartholomew books
?	The High Mesa Foundation; P.O. Box 2267, Taos, New Mexico 87571.

?				The Emmanuel Books
	New York, NY : Bantam Books


From: (Az0th)
Subject: Re: Books on occult history?
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 20:51:56 GMT

I heard Styx ( say:
: Can anyone recommend me some good books on the 
: history of western occultism in the 19th-20th 
: century? 

Modern Ritual Magic - King
The Magical World of Aleister Crowley - King
Magicians of the Golden Dawn - Howe
The Search for Abraxas - Skinner
The Magical Revival - Grant
The Occult - Wilson
The Occult Underground - Webb
The Occult Establishment - Webb
Eliphas Levi and the French Occult Revival - MacIntosh
The Rosicrucians - MacIntosh
The Black Arts - Cavendish
Arktos - Godwin

There are many others, and no single source is entirely adequate due at
least in part to the complexity of the subject matter. If you're pressed
for time, King, Wilson or Cavendish would be a good place to start.

93 93/93

From: ... <75214.150@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Re: Books on occult history?
Date: 18 Nov 1995 20:57:32 GMT

Re:  Books on occult history.  The recommended books by James Webb
are both excellent,  mind opening.  I would also strongly recommend:

The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish.
The Myth of the Magus by E. M. Butler.
Ritual Magic by E. M. Butler.
The Game of Wizards by Charles Ponce.  
Magic and the Western Mind by Gareth Knight.
All of the writings of Israel Regardie.
All of the writings of Arthur Waite.
(These last two are abominable stylists but reasonably good scholars.)
All of Aleister Crowley. (Remembering that Crowley is first and foremost
a practicing magician, secondly a literary stylist and only thirdly a
reliable scholar.  Generally, his works on Western magick have a large
element of poetry and personal interpretation -- as they should.  His
writings on eastern thought represent very good scholarship.)

A well informed occultist should also be familiar with H. P. Blavatsky,
Dion Fortune, and, in general the history of the Theosophical Society and
The Golden Dawn.  Also Freemasonry.

Any one of the above books will open up a lot more material for the 
interested scholar.  The paths to explore are endless.  Generally, the
above should provide a good starting map.  Happy hunting!



Subject: Re: Skepticism, Belief In Magic And Witchcraft
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 18:43:22 GMT

Xochi Zen ( wrote:

: 	I'm looking for texts that treat witchcraft from a skeptical 
: perspective. It's hard to believe that educated people still believe
: in this sort of thing as something more than manipulation by subtle
: psychological methods - when I say "witchcraft" I'm referring to 
: things like "spell casting", death spells, etc. I am _not_ referring to
: the nature-worshipping religion itself... just the idea that one can
: effect changes via supernatural intervention or some other unseen force
: unknown to science. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised given the success
: of religion in general (Christianity, for example, is just as "occult"
: as any other group/practice with that label attached to it - supernatural
: interventions, prayer, a being outside of space and time, etc.)

: 	So far, I've come-up with the following texts:

: 	* _Science vs. Miracles_ by B. Premanand of Indian Skeptics.
:           Premanand details over 100 conjuring tricks used by the gurus
:           of India to fleece people. For more info, check out the Indian
:           Skeptic link on my WWW site:  

: 	* _Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic Among the Azande_
:           by E. Evans-Pritchard
: 	  A classic in the anthropology of religion. No decent 
: 	  anthropologist writes about religion w/o making reference 
: 	  to Evans-Pritchard.

: 	* _Persuasions of the Witches Craft_ by T.H. Luhrmann
: 	  (another anthropologist)

: 	* _Science, Magic, and Religion_ by Bronislaw Malinowski_
:           _Coral Gardens and their Magic_  "                   "
:           (yet another anthropologist)

: 	* _Masks of the Gods: Primitive Mythology volume_
:           by Joseph Campbell

: 	* _Magic and Meaning_ by Burger and Neale.
: 	  A magician's trade book not available from regular bookstores.
: 	  Burger and Neale discuss the use of conjuring tricks by
:           shamans and others.

: 	In general, I haven't found many books devoted to discussing 
: magic and witchcraft from a skeptical perspective. Most skeptical authors
: choose as their focus "psychic" abilities. Most fall silent on witchcraft
: as practiced by people to manipulate others and for self-aggrandizement. 
: Enough educated people believe in this stuff (humanities "scholars" seem
: particularly prone to belief in this sort of thing - must be an aesthetic
: thing -) that there ought to be more written about it. 

: 	I'm especially interested in how people convince themselves that
: they can cast death and destruction spells on others successfully - or
: that they can get a job via uttering some "ooga booga" spell. I can well
: understand coming to believe one can do this sort of thing with respect 
: to oneself - that would be a matter of motivation, say with the job thing.
: But it's quite another for someone to claim that they could, say, cast 
: a spell on a skeptic or public figure that would have some real, unistakeable
: effect. If magic were a real acting-at-a-distance force, you'd expect a lot
: of professional skeptics to wind-up dead. 

: 	It's funny... I had a discussion recently about this on the 'net,
: with the believers claiming the reason that more skeptics _aren't_ dead is
: because they don't address magic and witchcraft directly or forcefully.
: I agree with the latter... that they don't often discuss it... as for why
: this is so, my guess is that either they think magic is so ridiculous that
: it's not worth mentioning, or that it intersects with religious belief 
: (there certainly seems to be a lot of magic going on in both the old and
: new testament) - and they don't want to step on any toes... but that doesn't
: seem right because skeptics speak pretty forcefully against creationism,
: etc. Well, _has_ belief in magic and witchcraft been dealt with in print
: satisfactorily? If so, where? 
: 	Do any skeptics have friends who believe in this sort of thing?
: How do you deal with it? In my experience, a lot of people who believe
: in this sort of stuff --- to the point of indulging in it and coming to
: believe they have special powers --- see a shrink on a regular basis or
: have had some contact with mental health professionals in the past. 
: It would be interesting to see some clinical literature on this sort 
: of thing. 

: |		    "Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and     |
: | Xochi Zen          religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from    |
: |   deep nonsense" - Carl Sagan in _Broca's Brain_           |
: <----------------------------------------------------------------------------->

From: (Mary K. Kuhner)
Newsgroups: alt.magick,alt.pagan.alt.religion.wicca
Subject: Re: Skepticism, Belief In Magic And Witchcraft
Date: 17 Nov 1995 22:02:01 GMT

An interesting book treating the practice of magic from a skeptical
perspective is Luhrmann's _Persuasions of the Witches' Craft_.  Luhrmann
was a participant/observer in a number of pagan and magical groups, and
has many interesting things to say about why people practice magic.
She is neither a "believer" nor a "debunker".  The only difficulty with
her book is that it is somewhat academic and dry, but it rewards

Mary Kuhner
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From: (nagasiva)
Newsgroups: alt.magick
Subject: Bookref #2 (Was Re: Crowley info for a friend)
Date: kaliyuga 49951123

jmm25@po.CWRU.Edu (Jessica M. Mcgeary):

|...send me some email naming the right books... historical, personal, 
|etc, anything'd be good. Thanks.

Here's one that was made by TStark, an alt.magick frequent poster for some
years.  The reference list was forgotten for a long time and I think it a 
valuable seed document for the bookref.  It is overly broad and duplicates
some bibiographic references from the miscellaneous REFs (like the
Kabbalah and Golden Dawn 'FAQs').

[from TStark]

I am working to help Shava put a recommended reading list together for
this newsgroup, possibly to be used for other purposes as well.

The following is based on what Shava had collected and sent to me,
and whatever I could fill in myself.   Anyone interested in the
content of the list, please review this and post or mail me corrections,
additional information, and suggestions.  

Several categories have not
had any significant works represented here yet, such as Gurdjieff/Ouspensky, 
neo-pagan Wicca, Tarot, and Astrology, simply out of lack of time
so far.  Feel free to make constructive
suggestions of any kind.  I intend to add abstracts as a separate
section in a later listing, but for now a good list of the related books 
themselves is my short term goal.   I take responsibility for errors in
categorization and transcription, and most of the content came from
posts on this newsgroup.  I consider it more important to have all
major traditions and ideas represented well than to be comprehensive in
the listing.

                                thanks in advance for any assistance,

                                Todd I. Stark

                I.  Brief listing

Title                   Author                  Publication             
-----                   ------                  -----------

    The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn    ***************************
        and Hermetic Qabbalah

 _Hermetics             F. Bardon               ? (Germany, 1970)
 _Quabbalah             F. Bardon               ? (Germany, 1971)
 _Evocation             F. Bardon               ? (Germany, 1960)
The_Mystical_Qabalah    D. Fortune      Ernest Benn, London, 1935
  _and_of_Pacts         A.E. Waite              ? (London, 1898)
Transcendental_Magic    E. Levi (trans Waite)   Rider, 1968 (1896)
 _Mysteries             E. Levi                 1959 ()
The_History_of_Magic    E. Levi                 1969 ()
 Abramelin_the_Mage     Mathers                 ?
 _Unveiled              Mathers                 Weiser, 1968 [1887]
The_Key_of_Solomon_                             Routledge & Kegan Paul,
 _the_King              Mathers                         1968 (1887)
 _Practical_Magic       I. Regardie             Aquarian Press, 1979
Garden_of_Pomegranates  I. Regardie             ?       
The_Middle_Pillar       I. Regardie             Llewellyn, 1970
Golden_Dawn             I. Regardie             Llewellyn, 1971 (1938)
The_Tree_of_Life        I. Regardie             Weiser, 1976 (1929)
 _Magic                 Zalewski                Llewellyn
The_Sword_of_Wisdom     Ithell Colquhoun        ?
   ?                    Ellic Howe,             ?
   ?                    R A Gilbert             ?
Yeats'_Golden_Dawn      George Mills 
                          Harper                ?
Unicorn                 Virginia Moore          ?
        _(?)            ed. Warwick Gould       ?
 _Mystical_Qabalah      Alan Richardson         ?
 _Modern_World          Migene Gonzalez-Wippler Llewellyn

    Aleister Crowley and the Thelemic Tradition    ***************************

 _and_Practice          A. Crowley              Dover, 1976 (1929)
 _Enochian_Sex_Magick   Crowley, Aleister;      
                        DuQuette, Lon Milo; 
                        and Hyatt, 
                        Christopher S.          Falcon Press, 1991
Magick_without_Tears    A. Crowley              ?
The_Eye_in_the_Triangle I. Regardie             ?
 _of_Aleister_Crowley   A. Crowley              Weiser, 1973

    Miscellaneous other Enochian                ***************************

 _Dictionary            Laycock, Donald C.      Askin, 1978
Enochian_Sex_Magic      Lon Milo Duquette 
                        and Christopher Hyatt   ?

    John Dee and Edward Kelley                    ***************************

Heptarchia_Mystica      J. Dee                  Hermetic Sourcebooks
 _of_John_Dee           Robert Turner           Magnum Opus 
Spirits_and_Apparitions J. Dee                  ?
 _of_Dr._John_Dee       James, Geoffry          Heptangle Book  1988
John_Dee                P.J. French             Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972

    Ancient Egypt               **************************

Egyptian_Magic          Sir Wallis Budge        Citadel Press, 1991 (1899)

    Ancient Mystery Tradition   **************************

  Golden_Ass            Lucius Apuleius         ?

    Renaissance Neoplatonists   **************************

Egyptian_Secrets        Albertus Magnus         ? (Germany)
De_Occulta_Philosophia  Cornelius Agrippa       ?
 _Hermetic_Tradition    Frances Yates           Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1964
 _Enlightenment         Frances Yates           Paladin, 1975 (1972)
The_Art_of_Memory       Frances Yates   Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1984 (1966)
 _Age                   Frances Yates           Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979
 _Art_and_the_Magus     Robert Turner           Element Books   1989

    Cognitive Science                   ***************************

 _Worlds                Jerome Bruner           ?
On_Knowing              Jerome Bruner           ?
Ways_of_World-making    Jerome Bruner, Goodman, 
                        Nelson                  ?
Fact,_Fiction,_Forecast Jerome Bruner           ?
 _of_Reality.           Peter Berger,
                        Thomas Luckman          ?  (London, 1967)
Metaphors_We_Live_By    Lakoff, George.         ?
Invented_Reality        Paul Watzlawick         ?
Play                    Jerome Bruner, 
                        A. Jolly, K. Sylva (ed.)   Penguin, 1976
 _of_Reality            Jean Piaget             Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1930
Metaphor_and_Thought    A. Ortony (ed.)         Cambridge Press, 1979
Language_and_Mind       N. Chomsky              Harcourt,Brace, and World,1968
  _Consciousness        R.E. Ornstein (ed.)     Viking, 1973

    Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Psychology and Alchemy

Mysterium_Coniunctionis C.G. Jung               ?, 1963
Anatomy_of_the_Psyche   Edward Eddinger         Open Court Press

    Altered States Psychology                   ****************************

  Religious_Experience  William James           ?
 _Consciousness         ?                       Shambhala
 _Consciousness         Charles Tart            ?
States_of_Consciousness Charles Tart            ?
Waking_Up               Charles Tart            ?
The_Joyous_Cosmology    Alan Watts              ?
The_Doors_of_Perception Aldous Huxley           ?
The_Natural_Mind        Andrew Weil             ?
 _Experience            Masters and Houston     ?
Licit_and_Illicit_Drugs Brecher et al.          ?
 _Mystical_Experience   D. Goleman              Irvington, 1977

    Ethnology and Anthropology                  *******************************

The_Golden_Bough        Sir James Frazer        London, Macmillan, 1922 (abr.)
   Witch's_Craft        T.M. Luhrmann           Harvard University Press, 1989
(Yaqui series)          Carols Casteneda        ?
The_Savage_Mind         C. Levi_Strauss         Chicago Univ. Press, 1966
(works)                 Mircea Eliade           ?

E.  Native American traditions                  **************************

Being-in-dreaming       Florinda Donner         HarperSanFrancisco 1991.
Shabono                 Florinda Donner         Delacorte Press 1982.
 _American_rainforest   Florinda Donner         HarperSanFrancisco 1992.
The_witch's_dream       Florinda Donner         Simon  and Schuster 1985.

F.  Ogdoadic tradition                          ***************************

Mysteria_Magica         Dennings        
                         & Phillips     Llewellyn, 1991 (1986)
 _Magick                Dennings &
                         Phillips       Llewellyn, 1991 (1974)

 _Consciousness         Dennings &
                         Phillips       Llewellyn, 1983

G.  Misc. by Dion Fortune and W.E. Butler       ******************************

The_Goatfoot_God        D. Fortune      Aquarian, 1960
Moon_Magic              D. Fortune      Weiser, 1985 (1956)
 _Travener              D. Fortune      ?
The_Sea_Priestess       D. Fortune      Weiser, 1985 (1959)
The_Winged_Bull         D. Fortune      ?
Sane_Occultism          D. Fortune      Aquarian, 1967
Avalon_of_the_Heart     D. Fortune      Aquarian, 1934
THe_Demon_Lover         D. Fortune      Aquarian, 1957
Applied_Magic           D. Fortune      Aquarian, 1981 (1962)
 _Training_and_Work     W.E. Butler     Melvin Powers Wilshire Book Co., 1959
Magician,_its_ Ritual_
 _Power_and_Purpose     W.E. Butler     ?

H.  Yoga and Indian traditions                   ****************************

Kundalini               Gopi Krishna            ?
The_Ochre_Robe          Agehananda Bharati      ?
The_Tantric_Tradition         "                 ?
The_Light_at_the_Center       "                 ?
A_Functional_Analysis_of      "
 _Social_Margins              "                 ?

I.  Druidic, Celtic, Wiccan, and misc. Pagan    *****************************

Wicca                   Vivianne Crowley        ?
The_Green_Man           William Anderson        ?
Mists_of_Avalon         Marion Zimmer 
                          Bradley               Sphere, London, 1982
Moonheart               Charles DeLint          ?
Greenmantle             Charles DeLint          ?
Druidism                Wade Rutherford         ?
Pagan_Celtic_Britain    ?                       ?
 _ADF                   PEI Bonewitz            ?
 _Goldmann_Verlag       Jean Markale            ?
 _Goldmann_Verlag       Jean Markale            ?
 _ihr_Heros             Heide Go"ttner-Abendroth  ?
 _Companion_            John Mathews and Marian Green  (Arkana, London ?)
   ?                    John and Caitlin Matthews               Aquarian Press

J.  Kabbalah and Jewish tradition               *****************************

Jewish_Meditation_      Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan      ?
 _Eternity              Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan      ?
 _Hidden_Knowledge_     Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi  ?
Kabbalah_and_Psychology Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi  Weiser
The_Kabbalah            Adolphe Franck          ?
 _Mysticism             G. Scholem              Schocken, 1941
Kabbalah                G. Scholem              N.Y. Times Books, 1974

K.  General related history 

 _Mind                  Gareth Knight           LLewellyn, 1991 (1978)
 _Societies,            Akron Daraul            Citadel Press, 1961
 _Alchemy               Grillot deGivry         Dover Books, 1971 (1931)
The_Occult_Underground  James Webb              Open Court Books, 1974
 _Establishment         James Webb              Open Court Books, 1976
Harmonious_Circle       James Webb              ?
 _History               Michael Edwardes        Granada Pub.    1978

K.  General related non-fiction and technical

Real_Magic              Isaac Bonewitz          Weiser
 _Occultism             Lewis Spence            ?, 1959
The_New_Magus           Donald Tyson                    Llewellyn, 1988
 _and_Magic             Migene Gonzalez-Wippler Llewellyn, 1991 (1978)
Modern_Magick           Donald Kraig            Llewellyn, 1989
Ritual_Magic_Workbook_  Delores Ashcroft-Nowiki ?
Crystal_Enlightenment   Katrina Raphael         ?
Crystal_Healing         Katrina Raphael         ?
 _Guidebook             Uma Silbey              ?
 _Vibrational_Healing   Garudas                 ?
 _Gemstones"            Daya Saral Chocron      ?
 _Stones                Richardson & Huett      ?
 _tantra                CHristopher Hyatt       ?
Practical_Sigil_Magic   Frater U.'.D.'.         Llewellyn
Chaos_Magick            A. O. Spare and Peter 
                        Carroll's               ?
Advanced_Magical_Arts   R.J. Stewart            ?
Living_Magical_Arts     R.J. Stewart            ?
The_Magus               F. Barret               Citadel Press, 1967 [1801]

L.  General related fiction                      ****************************

Illusions               R. Bach         ?
Alice_in_Wonderland     Lewis Carrol            ?

L.  General related poetry

?                       Fernando Pessoa         ?
?                       W.B. Yeats              ?
The_Waste_Land          T.S. Eliot              ?

M.  Miscellaneous spirituality and uncategorized

 _Spiritually_Advanced  'Ram Tzu'               ?

The_First_Step          ?                       ?

Lords_of_Light          W. Butler               ?

 _Tradition             Francis King            ?

 _Grimoire_             Katherine Kurtz         ?

Little,_Big_            John Crowley 

The_Shining_Paths       Dolores Ashcroft-Novicki  Aquarian, 1983


From: (Tyagi Mordred Nagasiva)
Newsgroups: alt.pagan,alt.magick
Subject: Re: Why `magick' with a 'k' (Kreeping FAQ)
Date: Mon,  8 Nov 93 08:33:47 PST

(extracted from the above longer post)

Readings on general magick and its history:

[Please post your additions and corrections to this reading list
 in this thread, thanks.]

_Magick_, by Aleister Crowley ('Book Four', Parts I/II/III), edited by
  Symonds and Grant, Arkana Books, 1989.

_Magick Without Tears_, by Aleister Crowley, edited by Israel Regardie,
  Falcon Press(?), 1989 (There may be a newer edition).

_Real Magic_, by Isaac Bonewits, Samuel Weiser, 1989.

_Magic: Its Ritual, Power and Purpose_, by W.E. Butler, Aquarian Press,

_Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Rituals_, by Eliphas Levi,
  Samuel Weiser, 1970.

_Magic, Science and Religion_, by Bronislow Malinowski, Doubleday, 1964.

_The Magical Philosophy_, Denning and Phillips, Llewellyn, 1974.

_The History of Magic_, by Eliphas Levi, Samuel Weiser, 1988.

_The Black Arts_, by Richard Cavendish, Putnam, 1968.

_Magic: Its History and Principle Rites_, by M. Bouisson, transl. by
  G. Almayrac, Dutton, 1961.

_History of Magic, Witchcraft and Occultism_, by W.B. Crow,
  Aquarian Press, 1968.


This document is Copyright (c) 1995, authors cited.

All rights reserved.  Permission to distribute the collection is
hereby granted providing that distribution is electronic, no money
is involved, reasonable attempts are made to use the latest version
and all credits and this copyright notice are maintained.

Other requests for distribution should be directed to the individual
authors of the particular articles.

nagasiva, tyagi
tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (I@AM)

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