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ABRAHADABRA REF for alt.magick

From: Tyagi Nagasiva 

49970902 aa2 Hail Satan!  

The ABRAHADABRA REF for alt.magick

here's an hors doeuvres:

	AB -- Father (a title of Chokmah); the first two letters
	      of the 42-letter name of God, associated with Kether      (3)

	ABR -- Lead, the metal of Saturn                                (203)

	(Abracadabra) -- Magic word used to cure fevers and to ward
	                 off the plague; original Hebrew form,
		         Abrakala (ABRAKALA); see also *Abrahadabra*

	ABRAHADABRA -- Crowley's spelling of Abracadabra.               (418)

	_Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia_, by David Godwin, 1989,
	  Llewellyn Publications; pp. 19-20.

from a search of HEAveN on the term 'Abrahadabra':



   Behold moreover, my Son, the Oeconomy of this Way, how it
   is according to the Tao, fulfilling itself wholly within thine
   own Sphere.  And it is utterly in Tune with thine own Will on
   every Plane, so that every Part of thy Nature rejoiceth with
   every other Part, communicating Praise.  Now then learn also
   how this Formula is that of the Word ABRAHADABRA.  First, HAD
   is the Triangle erect upon twin Squares.  Of Hadit need I not
   to write, for He hath hidden Himself in "The Book of the Law".
   This Substance is the Father, the Instrument is the Son, and
   the Metaphysical Ekstacy is the Holy Ghost, whose Name is
   HRILIU.  These are then the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, whose
   sacred letters are R ({HB:Resh }), B ({HB:Bet }), 
   and D ({HB:Dalet }).  But the last of the Diverse Letters is 
   H ({HB:Heh }), which in the Tarot is the Star whose Eidolon is 
   D ({HB:Dalet }); and herein is that Arcanum concerning the Tao 
   of which I have already written.
   _Liber Aleph_, ch. 88, by Crowley.

   "Abrahadabra," which is a most mysterious word, because it has
   eleven letters in it....

   The charioteer is a most curious person; he is a great big crab 
   in the most lovely glittering armour, and he can just drive!  His 
   name is the mysterious name I told you {Nomen [Yod Heh Vau Aleph] = 22
   22x19 = 418 = Abrahadabra} about with eleven letters in it, but we 
   call him Jehu for short, because he's only nineteen years old.
   'The Wake World', by Crowley.

   There is a quite different reference to the Equinox of the Gods, 
   ABRAHADABRA, the magical Formula of the Aeon (not to be confused with 
   the Word of the Law of the Aeon) represents the establishment of the 
   pillar or phallus of the 5 Alephs. Aleph is a void or kteis, being the 
   Atu marked 0.

   [quoting chapter 86 of _The Book of Lies_]


   Ex nihile N. I. H. I. L. fit.
   N. the Fire that twisteth itself and burneth like a scorpion.
   I. the unsullied ever-flowing water.
   H. the interpenetrating Spirit, without and within.
      Is not its name ABRAHADABRA?
   I. the unsullied ever-flowing air.
   L. the green fertile earth.
   Fierce are the Fires of the Universe, and on their daggers they hold 
	aloft the bleeding heart of earth.
   Upon the earth lies water, sensuous and sleepy.
   Above the water hangs air; and above air, but also below fire --  
	and in all -- the fabric of all being woven on Its invisible 
	design, is
Cap: 86

[333note: in my hard-copy of Liber 333, the letters are Greek, 
	the center being Theta. the commentary in same indicates:

	     Abrahadabra is called the *name* of the spirit because
	     it is cheth.
   _Commentaries on Liber 65_, by ?

   The word ABRAHADABRA is from Abrasax, Father Sun, which adds to 365.  
   For the North-South antithesis see Fabre d'Olivet's "Hermeneutic 
   Interpretation of the Origin of the Social State in Man".  Note "Sax" 
   also as a Rock, or Stone, whence the symbol of the Cubical Stone, the 
   Mountain Abiegnus, and so forth.


   ...Abrahadabra, the Magical Formula of the new Aeon!


   ...ABRAHADABRA, the sacred word of 11 letters.


   ABRAHADABRA is "The key of the rituals" because it expresses the 
   Magical Formulae of uniting various complementary ideas; especially 
   the Five of the Microcosm w ith the Six of the Macrocosm.

     [333note: the Grant/Symonds version of this text includes the
               following extended AC commentary on ABRAHADABRA:

	Abrahadabra is the formula of uniting the Macrocosm and
	Microcosm especially when conceived as the correlatives
	5 and 6.  The general symbol of man being 5 (Pentagram),
	and of God this 6 (Hexagram), it follows that the
	formula for the ordinary ritual of initiation is 5'=6^.
	The rituals 6'=5^, 7'=4^, 8'=3^, 9'=1^
		{Grant/Symonds note: these are technical
		 designations of the grades of the A.'.A.'.
		 (*Argenteum Astrum*), the Order of the
	 	 Silver Star, which Crowley constructed from
		 the ruins of the Golden Dawn.}
	special developments, more advancement because the initial
	inequality is greater.

	Here is a rough analysis of the word ABRAHADABRA.  CHITh,
	Cheth.  ABRAHADABRA, the great Magic Word, the Word of
	the Aeon.  Note the 11 letters, 5 identical, and 6 diverse.
	Thus it interlocks Pentagram and Hexagram.  BITH Ha, the
	House of Heh, the Pentagram; see *Idra Zuta Qadisha* 694.
		{Grant/Symonds note: *The Lesser Holy Assembly*,
		 one of the books of the Zohar, translated into
		 Latin by Knorr von Rosenroth and into English
		 by Macgregor Mathers.  See *The Kabbalah Unveiled*.}
	'For H formeth K, but Ch formeth IVD'.  Both equal 20.

	Note 4 + 1 + 8 = 13, the 4 reduced to 1 through 8, the
	redeeming force; and 418 = Ch = 8.

	By Aiq Bkr ABRAHADABRA, 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 2
	+ 2 + 1 = 22.  Also 418 = 22 x 19 Manifestation.  Hence the
	Word manifests the 22 Keys of the Rota.

	It resolves into Pentagram and Hexagram as follows:

	[graphic showing point-up pentagram surrounded by the letters
	 (from top clockwise) A, A, H, D, A; above it a point-up
	 triangle open at the bottom sporting the letters (from top 
	 clockwise) A, B, R; and below it a similarly point-down
	 triangle open at the top with the leters (from bottom
	 clockwise) A, B, R. (all letters are oriented to page-- 333]

	(This is by taking the 5 middle letters.
	 The pentagram is 12, HVA, Mcroprosopos
	 The hexagram is 406, AthH, Microsopos
	 Thus it connotes the Great Work.
	 Note ABR, initials of the Supernals, ab, Ben, Ruach.

	[graphic showing a point-up pentagram on the left with
	 5 A's on all 5 points and a hexagram of interlaced
	 triangles, point-up, with the following letters from 
	 top clockwise: B, H, D, R, B, R.]

	(This is by separating the One -- Aleph -- from the many --
	 diverse letters)
	 BRH, 207, Aur, Light
	 DBR, 206, Deber, Voice.
	 The Vision and the Voice, a phrase which meant much to me
	 at the moment of discovering this Word.

	[graphic showing a point-up pentagram on the left with the
	 letters from top clockwise: A, A, B, R, A; and a six-pointed
	 star of interlaced triangles, point-up with the following
	 letters from top clockwise: A, A, D, R, H, B.]

	(By taking each alternate letter)
	 205, GBR, mighty
	 213, ABIR, mighty
	 This shows Abrahadabra as the word of Double Power, another
	 phrase that meant much to me at the time.
	 AAB at the top of the hexagram gives Ab, AIMA, BN Father,
	 Mother, Child.  HDR by Yetzirah gives Horus, Isis, Osiris,
	 against Father, Mothr, Child.  The Hexagram is again the
	 Human Triad.

	Dividing the 3 into 8 we get the Triangle of Horus dominating
	the Stooping Dragon of 8 heads; the Supernals bursting the
	Head of Daath.

	[graphic showing three figures: at the top a closed triangle,
	 point-up, with the following letters from top clockwise:
	 A, B, R; under and to the left a square with the letters
	 beginning from the left top horizontal clockwise: A, B, D, A;
	 and under to the right a similar square with letters of same
	 start and clockwise: A, H, R, A.]

	The supernals are supported upon two squares.
	ABAD = DD, Love, 8
	AHRA = AVR, Light , 207
	Now 8 x 207 = 1650 = 18 = ChI, Living; and 207 = 9 x 23, ChIII,
	Life.  At this time 'Licht, Liebe, Leben' was the mystic name
	of the Mother Temple of the G.D.

	The five letters used in the word are A, the Crown; B, the Wand;
	D, the Cup; H, the Sowrd; R, the Rosy Cross; and refer further
	to Amoun, the Father; Thoth, His Messenger, and Isis, Horus,
	Osiris, the divine human triad.

	Also 418 = ATh IAV.  The Essence of IAO, q.v.

	This short analysis might be indefinitely expanded, but always
	the symbol will remain the expression of the Goal and the
	Exposition of the Path.

	Boleskine BVLShKIN = 418
	Peccatum (Est femina Lilith impia) ChTATh = 418
	Cheth, a fenc ChITh = 418
	Servans Misericordiam NVTzRChQD = 418
	The Word of the Aeon (Vide Liber 418) ABRAHADABRA = 418
	(Sacred pleasure of love etc. see 8) VVQDVSh = 418
	The 'line drawn' in *Liber Legis*, Ch. III; passes through:
	S t b ty I say f a, AVIASHTBTSh
		{Grant/Symonds note: AVIASHTBTSh is the Hebrew form
		 of S t b ty I say f a.  Crowley did not know the
		 meaning of the word; it appeared seemingly by
	 	 chance when Crwoley was writing down *The Book of
	 	 the Law* (*LIber Legis*) at Aiwass's dictation.
		 418 is the number of the Great Work.}
	11 letters: these letters value 418.  This word should be
	a new plan of the Cosmos as Will.  The mysterious word of
	8 letters in *CCXX*, Ch. III,
		{Grant/Symonds note: *CCXX* 220, is the number of
		 The Book of the Law which contains 220 verses.}
	the 'secret fourfold word' is

		RP, Fire of Sol and Force of Mars	= 280
		ST, Fire and Force (Keys add to)	=  31
		OV, Fire of Devil.  Force of Bull	=  76
		AL, Fire and Force.  Justice		   31

		{Grant/Symonds note: By Qabalah, R = 200, P = 80.
		 R is attributed to the Sun, P to Mars.  Sh here 
		 refers to the Tarot trump XX; T to the Tarot
		 trump XI.  O = 70, the number of the Devil.  V
		 or Vau = 6, the number of Taurus or the Bull.
		 AL, i.e. Aleph and Lamed, 1 and 30 respectively.}

	418 Hermes Eimi, Short Nose, or Microprosopus = Figure of
		Microcosm in Vitruvius = Baphomet = Babalon.
	418 PhARZIVAL Parzival (Note 8 letters.)
	418 To me; The Not.
	418 ThIVV, Tau spelt in full a second time.
	418 ChThL Hoti, the God of Luck - Chinese.
		from _Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on
		 THE BOOK OF THE LAW_, by Crowley, eds. John
		 Symonds and Kenneth Grant, 93 Publishing, 1974;
		 pp. 105-8. 

   {lambda-eta} = 38, the Key=word Abrahadabra, 418, divided by the 
     number of its letters, 11.  Justice or Balance and the Charioteer 
     of Mastery.  A state of progress; the church militant.

   ...418 is Abrahadabra, the word of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.


   "AL III,1:  "Abrahadabra! the reward of Ra Hoor Khut."

                         THE OLD COMMENT.

   1.    Abrahadabra --- the Reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.  We have already 
   seen that Abrahadabra is the glyph of the blending of the 5 and the 6, 
   the Rose and the Cross.  So also the Great Work, the equilibration of 
   the 5 and the 6, is shown in this God; fivefold as a Warrior Horus, 
   sixfold as the solar Ra.  Khuit is a name of Khem the Ram-Phallus-two-plume 
   god Amoun; so that the whole god represents in qabalistic symbolism the 
   Second Triad ("whom all nations of men call the first").

   It is the Red descending triangle, -- the whole thing visible, 
   for Hadit and Nuit are far beyond.

   Note that Ra-Hoor Resh-Aleph-He-Vau-Vau-Resh = 418.


   Observe firstly the word "reward", which is to be compared with the 
   words "hiding" and "manifestation" in the former chapters.  To 
   're-ward' is to 'guard again'; this word Abrahadabra then is also to 
   be considered as a Sentinel before the Fortress of the God.

   Why is the name of Him spelt Khut?  We have seen that ST is the 
   regular honorific ~terminitation [sic] for a God.  Ra is, as shown in the 
   Old Comment, the Sun, Hoor the Warrior Mars; who is Khu?  He is the 
   Magical Ego of a Star.  Without the Yod or Iota, Khu-t, we get a human 
   conception; the insertion of that letter makes the transmutation to 
   Godhead.  When therefore Ra Hoor Khut is rewarded or Re-guarded with 
   the Magick Word of the Aeon, he becomes God.  Thus in the next verse.  
   I 'raise the spell of Ra Hoor Khuit'.

   The text may also be read as follows.  Abrahadabra is the formula of 
   the Aeon, by which man may accomplish the Great Work.  This Formula is then 
   the 'reward' given by the God, the largesse granted by Him on His 
   accession to the Lordship of the Aeon, just as the INRI-IAO-LVX formula 
   of attainment by way of Crucifixion was given by Osiris when he came to 
   power in the last Aeon.  (See Book 4 Part III, and Equinnox I, III, 
   pp. 208-233).


   He says, then, that there is 'division', which (as I take it) prevents 
   man from being God.  This is a natural and orthodox meaning, and it goes 
   well with 'there' (I.E. in verse 1) 'is a word not known'.  That Word
   is Abrahadabra, which was not known, it having been concealed by the 
   corrupt spelling "abracadabra'.


   "Beware!" as if it were said to a soldier, "Attention!"
   "Hold!", that is, "Steady! LIsten to the Proclamation!"
   "Raise the spell of Ra-Hoor Khuit!"  That is "Here, I, the New God, 
    utter my Word".


   75.    The ending of the words is the ending of the Work -- Abrahadabra.  
   The Books is [sic] written, as we see; and concealed -- from our weak 
   _Commentary on Liber Al vel Legis_, by Crowley.


            {Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Xi-Theta}

                              SUCK EGGS!

    This is the Holy Hexagram.
    Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with
    Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with
    The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace;
      the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of
    This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the
      Word of Double Power-ABRAHADABRA!-is
      the sign of the GREAT WORK, for the GREAT
      WORK is accomplished in Silence.  And behold is
      not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer.
      whose Sigil is {Cancer}?
    This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own
      end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is per-
      fect in itself.
    Little children, love one another!

                       COMMENTARY ({Xi-Theta})


      The chapter alludes to Levi's drawing of the Hexa-
    gram, and is a criticism of, or improvement upon, it.
    In the ordinary Hexagram, the Hexagram of nature,
    the red triangle is upwards, like fire, and the blue
    triangle downwards, like water.  In the magical hexa-
    gram this is revered; the descending red triangle is
    that of Horus, a sign specially revealed by him per-
    sonally, at the Equinox of the Gods.  (It is the flame
    desending upon the altar, and licking up the burnt
    offering.)  The blue triangle represents the aspiration,
    since blue is the colour of devotion, and the triangle,
    kinetically considered, is the symbol of directed force.
      In the first three paragraphs this formation of the
    hexagram is explained; it is a symbol of the mutual
    separation of the Holy Guardian Angel and his client.
    In the interlocking is indicated the completion of the
      Paragraph 4 explains in slightly different language
    what we have said above, and the scriptural image of
    tongues is introduced.
      In paragraph 5 the symbolism of tongues is further
    developed.  Abrahadabra is our primal example of an
    interlocked word.  We assume that the reader has
    thoroughly studied that word in Liber D., etc.  The
    sigil of Cancer links up this symbolism with the number
    of the chapter.
      The remaining paragraphs continue the Gallic
   _The Book of Lies (falsely so called)_, by Crowley.

   And a voice comes: "Who is he that hath the key to the gate of the 
   evening star?"

   And now an Angel cometh and seeketh to open the door by trying many 
   keys.  And they are none of any avail.  And the same voice saith: 
   "The five and the six are balanced in the word Abrahadabra, and 
   therein is the mystery disclosed...."
   _The Vision and the Voice_ (7th Aethyr), by Crowley.

        92 Though all Hindu works proclaim that the Sahasrra has but one
          thousand petals, its true number is one thousand and one as
          depicted in the diagram called the Yogi.  10001 = 91 xx 11
          (HB:Nun-final HB:Mem HB:Aleph  x HB:Yod HB:Nun HB:Dalet HB:Aleph; 
	  91 = HB:Heh HB:Vau HB:Heh HB:Yod  + HB:Yod HB:Nun HB:Dalet HB:Aleph   	  11 = ABRAHADABRA = 418 (38 x 11) = Achad Osher, or one and ten, 
	  = the Eleven Averse Sephiroth = Adonai.  Also 91 = 13 x 7  
	   HB:Dalet HB:Chet HB:Aleph  x ARARITA, etc., etc.  11 is the
          Number of the Great Work, the Uniting of the Five and the Six,
          and 91 = mystic number (1+2+3 ... + 13) of 13 = Achad = 1.


May 8th.  Position 1.             22 m.  Seven breaks.
          Calvary Cross.          50 m.  Did I go to sleep?
   11th.  Designed Abarahadabra
            for a pantacle.180


   16th.  Painted wicked black-magic pantacle.
          Held a magical ceremony in the evening.
          Lesser banishing Ritual of Pentagram and Hexagram.
          Invocation of Thoth and the Elements by Keys 1-6182 and G.'. D.'.
            Opening Rituals.
          Consecrated Lamen Crown and Abrahadabra Wand with great force.
   'The Temple of Solomon the King' (part 4), by Crowley (Equinox)

   this Word contains more than the mere
   418 because of its 8 letters suiting the special Formula required by
   this particular Angel, whereas the other Word is a general Formula,
   being of 11 letters, all Magick being referred to 11.  so far as
   ABRAHADABRA is specialized, it refers to the Work of 5x  = 6{square x},
   there being 5 alephs and 6 other letters.  In the Latin script also
   Makhashanah does have 11 letters.  Again, the operation of the Cauldron
   (above) is described by the 5 consonants of this Word.

          {HEB:Mem} = {Water} (Water)
          {HEB:Koph} = Wheel (Rose)
          {HEB:Shin} = Fire {Dee}
          {HEB:Nun} = {Scorpio}
          {HEB:Heh} = Binah
   _The Vision and the Voice with Commentary_ by the Master Therion.

   Glory unto the Lord of the Word Abrahadabra, and Glory unto Him that 
   hath given us the Symbol of the Ankh and of the Cross within the Circle!
   _Liber III vel Jugorum_, by Crowley.

   He then that is as yet ignorant of that Name, let him repeat a word 
   worthy of this particular Ritual.  Such are Abrahadabra, the Word of 
   the Aeon, which signifieth "The Great Work accomplished"; and Aumgn 
   interpreted in Part III of Book 41; and the name of THE BEAST, for 
   that His number showeth forth this Union with the Angel, and His Work 
   is no other than to make all men partakers of this Mystery of the 
   Mysteries of Magick.
   _Liber Samekh_, by Crowley.

   The Beast, The Word of the Aeon, and Parzival are Harmonized in 
   Tiphereth, as are all aspects of the Sun and the Son, although 
   there may appear to be "division hither homeward."


   The Path from Netzach to Yesod continues the Influence from the 
   Path of Leo united with that of Libra.  By Tarot it is "The Chariot" 
   which is attributed to the Sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon (Yesod). 
   This is a very important card indeed.  The Hebrew letter attributed 
   to it is "Cheth" which is 418 the number of the Word of the Aeon 
   ABRAHADABRA. The Charioteer is one aspect of the Lord of the Aeon, 
   and he is in a certain sense the Initiator, for in this age the 
   Influence of the Constellation of Taurus comes to use through the
   Sign Cancer according to the Precessional.
   The Egyptian Revival, or The Ever-Coming Son in the Light of the Tarot
    by Frater Achad (CSJones)

   Thsi [sic] is the Mystery  of  Redemption and  of the Great Work, the 
   Uniting of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm--Man with God.

   The  main  Formula  of  the  Great  Work,  that  of the Rose and 
   Cross, is symbolised in the Great Order as 5x=6x.  This  refers 
   to the Microcosm and the Macrocosm as the  Pentagram  or  Fivefold 
   Star on Unconquered Will and the Hexagram or Six-fold Star.  The Work 
   is to discover their equivalence, and to unite them.

   The first stage of this Union occurs in TIPHERETH, and is accompanied 
   with the  feeling  of  Ecstasy.  This  Sephira  is  that  of  the  SUN,  
   and is necessarily connected with the Solar Numbers of which  6,  66, 
   and 666 are the Scale.  This  is the Sphere of the Crowned King--The 
   Son who unites in himself both Glory and Suffering.

   But since there has  been,  what  we  may term,  a change of Office 
   in the Great Hierarchy in this New Aeon, we find that the Number 418 
   which is the numeration  of  "ABRAHADABRA" the  Word  of the  Aeon is 
   also particularly attributed to this Sphere,  since  it  represents 
   perfectly the formula of 5x=6x. (See Sepher Sephiroth, 
   Equinox Vol. I. Number VIII.)
   The Chalice of Ecstasy: Parzival  by Frater Achad (CSJones)

   There is of course a very definite connection between Parzival and 
   Abrahadabra, the Word of the Aeon, through 418.  And it is said that 
   Abrahadabra shall be His child and that strangely) And Parzival having 
   Eight letters, and Initial value 80 and total numeration of 418 is 
   therefore connected with this verse. It was through this Name that he 
   came upon the Mystery of AL and LA which is finally summed up in
   A, (as will be shown later.)

   _Liber Thirty-one_, by Frater Achad (CSJones)

   ...365 is the numerical    
   value of the name Abrasax, a Gnostic god who is invoked in the ritual
   twice by name and once by allusion (look at a picture of Abrasax and
   you'll get a clearer idea of what it means to have 'sight in the
   feet'). Crowley's explanation of the name Abrasax in _Liber Samekh_
   interprets it as 'the Father' [AB='father' in Hebrew], 'the Sun' [RA,
   the Egyptian Sun God], 'Hadith' [SAX=SET=HAD, etc., via a curious line
   of etymological reasoning: see cap. V of _MTP_], and 'the spell of the
   Aeon of Horus' [Abracadabra, according to magical tradition, derives
   from the name Abrasax], which is good enough for me.
   'Herald-Tepaphone' (IAO Camp/OTO), Vol. 1/Issue 3, 1995.  from "A Few 
    More Notes on Liber 365", by the Non-Existent Brother R. B.

   Fathom wrote:
   > > Aryeh Kaplan (somewhere in the preface of his treatment of the Sefer
   > > Yezirah), states it comes from Hebrew.  ABRA K'ADaBRA, "I will
   > > create as I speak."
   > >
   > > What I'm curious about is this:  the ubiquitous Crowley said
   > > 'abraHadabra' was the 'true word of the New Aeon', the other being a
   > > vulgarization.  What was his 'reasoning'?
   > Just a speculation-- perhaps the original Hebrew sound was the
   > guttural *ch* -- which is often represented by K in some
   > transliterations, or by H in others. Anybody know Hebrew?

   I don't know Hebrew, but that is a good call, i think. Ch/H/K/C as in

   However, this still leaves me with a question: how did a phrase that
   means "I will create as I speak" come to be used as a specific formula
   for curing people of fevers? I understand ho the reduction of the
   incantation by one letter per day came to be associated with the
   reduction of fever, but "I will create as I speak" doesn;t immediately
   leap out and say, "fever cure!" to me -- yet that was the only use of
   the abracadabra formula for many centuries and, Crowley aside, may have
   been its ONLY use until the 19th/20th centuries.

   catherine yronwode 

   In my view, the wording (if this translation is correct) explains itself
   very well: it's semantically equivalent to "So mote it be." It can't be
   the whole spell. (Fathom)

   There have been several attempts to derive "abracadabra" from Hebrew,
   none of which are that appealing to me.  The best-seeming explanation 
   to me is that it is a near-palindrome derived from the name Abrasax, 
   who figures prominently in Egyptian spells.  This was a common practice 
   with other Coptic words of power, as was the fever-reducing 
   arrangements.  Thus it is probably derived from an earlier Egyptian 
   word, rather than a Hebrew one.  A good source for this is the fairly 
   recent "Ancient Christian Magic", which is only anbout half Christian.  
   The rest of the spells are Egyptian, and a few are even Islamic.

   Paul Rydeen 
   from the Power Word REF at:

   "Abracadabra" could involve the words for create and speech, although I
   would reverse the order you cite from Kaplan.  BaRA means create, DiBaR
   means speak; put in the first person, it could mean something like "As I
   create, so I speak" or "I create according to my words".  Ke (Coph-yod,
   gematria 30) means like, according to, etc, and is the particle which
   lies at the base of the syllable -ca- in abracadabra.  Abrahadabra
   replaces this with Heh--which, besides its various duties as an
   independent letter,  also serves as the definite article ("the").  It
   replaces similarity with identity.  ["What I create is what I speak".]
   The mage who speaks abrahadabra is implying greater power in his acts.
   The difference is between someone who says, "I will write a book"--and
   then writes it; and someone who says "I write a book"--and by the act of
   speaking that sentence, brings the book itself into being.  Much more
   divine, and much more like the actual meaning of BaRA, which is reserved
   from Divine Creation. [Human acts of creation are normally referred to by
   the word YoTZeR, which is usually translated formation.  An artist
   yotzers his artwork, but God barahs the Universe.]

   BTW, with a change of vowels, BRA means "to cut down a tree or trees".  I
   am too tired to apply that to the Tree of Life, but you are welcome to.
   And DBR is the root of a complex of words meaning speech, word, and
   thing--recalling the idea that Divine Speech is the source of existence
   for each individual thing, and the whole series of ideas which revolve
   around Platonic Ideas and the Logos.  Which I am definitely too tired to
   follow up on tonight.
   Rabbi Jeffrey Smith ( in the file:

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